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Friday, December 20, 2013

Katie McGinty Calls For Real Medicaid Expansion, Says CorbettCare is a Present for Private Insurers

#PAGov: Katie McGinty Calls For Real Medicaid Expansion, Says CorbettCare is a Present for Private Insurers

Keystone Politics
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From my inbox:

Katie McGinty, Democratic candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania, today called Tom Corbett’s HealthyPA plan a present for private insurance companies and a poison pill for the state’s neediest residents, especially those living in Allegheny County.

Nearly 100,000 residents lack health insurance in Allegheny County, which ranks second in the state for the number of uninsured.

The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare was in Pittsburgh on Friday for the second in its series of statewide hearings seeking public comment on Corbett’s plan. By rejecting Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act and instead pursuing his own costly, complicated HealthyPA plan, Corbett has delayed coverage for 500,000 low-income working Pennsylvanians for at least a year.

 “Tom Corbett’s HealthyPA plan not only demonstrates his poor leadership, but it also shows just how out of touch he is with regular Pennsylvanians and the struggles they face daily,” McGinty said.

“Tom Corbett opposes the Affordable Care Act as a federal intrusion that unnecessarily expands the role of government. Yet, he proposes a plan that includes more waiver requests than any other state in the nation. Those waivers would create a bureaucratic nightmare for the state agency that must administer his plan.

“Tom Corbett wants to deny health-care coverage to uninsured Pennsylvanians who are unemployed or struggling in low-wage jobs that don’t provide benefits. Maybe he forgets there are few jobs to be had in a state economy that he has driven into the ground. Pennsylvania ranks 43rd in the nation in job creation under Tom Corbett’s failed leadership.

“Tom Corbett wants poor people to pay copayments and premiums to big, private insurance companies — the only ones who really stand to gain anything from HealthyPA. The same people he wants to charge for insurance are the same people right now who are trying to decide whether to pay for heat or buy prescriptions. In other words, there will be times when they will have to decide between paying for health insurance and paying for rent or putting put food on the tables. That’s not quality, accessible care.”

Expanding Medicaid would bring billions of dollars into Pennsylvania. Numerous studies have shown the federal aid would not only cover hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians, but it would also boost economic activity, support job creation and generate real savings for state government.

McGinty said no one should be fooled by Corbett’s claim that HealthyPA is a serious attempt to expand health care. Even as other governors acted, Corbett has stood fast to rigid ideology. As attorney general, Corbett worked aggressively to overturn the Affordable Care Act, trying hard to deny Pennsylvanians the chance to get insurance even if they have a pre-existing condition, or from having peace of mind that they won’t lose insurance if an illness worsens.


Anonymous said...

Wonder if Corbett has ever heard of or know the meaning of the word "KARMA"?

Anonymous said...

No Democrat in any public office should be able to comment on health care after forcing Obamacare on the Unites States.

Anonymous said...

Elections have consequences. If you don't like health care for all Americans, then go out and win an election so you can take it away from them. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

5:56 is here representing the MAJORITY OF AMERICANS that hate the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Not enough of a majority to win any elections.... but they sure know they're a majority!

They said it on Fox News, so it must be true.

(daily trivia:

-the phrase "cramming it down our throats" was repeated over 20,000 times on foreign owned and Saudi invested Fox News in the last 3 years regarding the ACA. Employees admit under condition of confidentiality to having been instructed to push this rhetoric as much as possible on every ACA story.

Why won't those employees openly comment for the record on these actions?

-Fox News went to court to win the right to lie in broadcast news in 2003 when battling against a whistle blower journalist who fought back when she was told how to report on a story regardless of the facts)

Anonymous said...

When does the AFFORDABLE part kick in???

Anonymous said...

It wasn't affordable before the ACA kicked in either. A public option would have done much to bring the costs down.