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Friday, December 6, 2013

Think About It

The Rear View Mirror

Not many spend much time looking in the rear view mirror while they're driving forward. Yet it is always good to check it now and then to see what's coming up behind you. I would also suppose that many don't consider looking backward as they plow forward through life. This can be a dreadful mistake.

Did you know that history has a habit of repeating itself? A simple example of this is found in families. You've heard it said that fruit doesn't fall far from the tree; well this is a simple example of history repeating itself in families. But it can also repeat itself in our own lives. The problem is that we often don't look backward before we move forward. Confused? Let me try to explain.

It is often said that our past is a good predictor of our future. Although this doesn't have to be so, it often is. Why? Let me simply that it is because we don't look at our past in a way that we can make course corrections for our future. Looking back over our pasts can be a great way of learning. The mistakes we've made, the attitudes we've had, and the behavior that we've exhibited can all be changed, if we choose to. Looking backward can be a way of reflecting on what our future may hold. We can have the opportunity to ask ourselves if we want to continue on the same path we've been traveling, or if we want to make a change. Change is wonderful, but we will also find that our old habits die-hard. Learning from our past means that we have to make a consecrated effort to change direction to get to where we really want to go.

I've learned, and am still learning, that I have control of my destiny. Although it's true that I can't control what happens to me, I can control how I deal and respond to it. It's the same with my past. I might not be able to change my past, but I certainly have the ability to change my future. The choice is ultimately mine, but it will take looking in the rear view mirror as I go. By doing this on a regular basis we each will have a better chance of having a more positive outcome for our future. Think about it.


Anonymous said...

Well I do believe this myself and we are traveling down that road again that was traveled way before I was born and if the past is true We will survive it but there will be some that don't.. Just like before.. Batten down the hatches the rides going to get rougher

Anonymous said...

Put the scripture back in, Pastor. Those that complain about that are the ones who need to read it the most....

Don't conform. Please!!

Anonymous said...

I thought about it and the only way to assist in doing so is to believe in God and his grace. He controls all of us as from the time of birth till the time of death. If you want to take the chance to be a non-believer that is your choice but I for one, will not gamble with life on earth and life in Heaven. Through God all things are possible. Enough said

Anonymous said...

Well said and so very true.

Anonymous said...

Amen 8:43, I'm with you, I want to go to heaven, live my life here for Jesus which is far better than living with out him & knowing He is with us through it all & God is good, ALL THE TIME!