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Saturday, December 14, 2013

View From Inside Township Plow Truck


Anonymous said...

what about earlier this week when the roads glare ice ???

Anonymous said...

i remember a time when other people on the township would go out and take care of the roads when people call and say something about the roads they would go out and take care of them no matter what time it was.

Anonymous said...

All you people that are complaining,about the road conditions, Remember these new township supervisors were just elected by all of you in November. It is winter in potter-county enjoy the snow and Merry Christmas.

Margaret said...

Give these people a break. I watched the plows pass all day long on Rt 44 and it is still bad. When weather is bad they do the best they can and if is not absolutely necessary, you shouldn't be out in it. If you are you should slow down and not be in such a rush. I see people really pushing it and passing others because they are in such a rush. Slow down and get home safe. The plows are trying to make it as safe as they can but we have responsibility too.

Anonymous said...

people just have to compline he about something all the time, if they didn't have to compline about they wouldn't be happy, the guys are done the best job with the weather is, also if the road are bad stay home amen