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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bobbi Bockoras Breastfeeding Story Goes National On NBC News

Pumped up: Breastfeeding mothers fight for rights at work

By Allison Yarrow, NBC News contributor

When Bobbi Bockoras returned to work at a Port Allegany, Pa., glass factory in June 2013 after giving birth, she planned to pump breast milk during breaks so she could continue nursing her infant daughter Lyla.

The 31-year-old palletizer operator knew that pumping at work — in a clean, private, non-bathroom space — was her right under a provision of the 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA). “I was going to breastfeed, and no one was going to stop me,” she said.

But Bockoras says that Saint-Gobain Verallia North America, the company where she has worked for six years, did not follow the law. Supervisors first told her to pump in a bathroom, she says, and after she protested, they suggested alternatives that also failed to meet federal requirements. Bockoras agreed to use a locker room but says it was covered in dirt and dead bugs and lacked air conditioning. Read more...


Anonymous said...

Enough already you tell her story but what about the plants side of the story. Its all about her wanting an all day job in a factory that operates 24 hours a day. And the MONEY she hopes to get.She is a joke to all who know several things were done to aid her by the plant none of them were good enough cause of the want of a day job and money. Get the other side of the story.

Anonymous said...

You go girl! You knew your rights and you went for it. I am proud of you and I DO NOT CARE WHO KNOWS IT.

ELIZABETH VALENTINE and I stand by my girl...this site can be so shitty because of the ridiculous comments. I also understand people are just plain shitty.