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Friday, January 10, 2014

Capitol Update By Rep. Martin Causer

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Capitol Update
Friday, January 10, 2014 The latest news from the State Capitol

Reporting Deadline for Small Games of Chance Requirement Extended

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue extended the reporting deadline for clubs and other eligible organizations that hold small games of chance licenses by one year.

This change means there is no reporting requirement in 2014 for these organizations. The new date for electronic reporting will be Feb. 1, 2015, with a newly created online reporting system from the department becoming available later this year.

Organizations that don’t have a liquor license, or those with liquor licenses and proceeds of less than $20,000, are not required to file any reports.

Public Comment Open for Proposed Oil and Gas Regulations

The state’s Environmental Quality Board (EQB) is currently collecting public comment on proposed oil and gas regulations related to Act 13 of 2012. The board scheduled seven hearings in locations across the state, but none here in north central Pennsylvania, so I recently sent a letter to Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Chris Abruzzo requesting a hearing in the McKean County area.

The proposed regulations are a significant concern for independent oil producers here who have indicated the regulations, which are geared primarily toward large-scale unconventional wells, are not only unnecessary for shallow well drillers but may well be the industry’s death sentence.

Independent oil and gas producers are vital contributors, not only to our local economy but to our statewide economy as well. It is important to ensure the future of Penn Grade crude and all the business and industry it supports.

Anyone interested in submitting comment to the EQB may do so online or through the mail no later than Feb. 12. Click here for details.

Congratulations to Area Winners at State Farm Show

Residents from McKean and Potter counties were winners at this year’s Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg. The eight-day event is the largest indoor agricultural exhibition in the country and includes a variety of competitions for everything from fruits, vegetables and straw to crafts, baked goods and textiles. Not surprisingly, Potter County entrants faired well in the maple syrup competitions, with Hamilton’s Maple Products, Brydonson Farm and Charles
Nelson being recognized for their syrups and other maple products.

Check out all of the results at the Pennsylvania Farm Show website. Congratulations!
Winning maple syrup entries on display at the Farm Show in Harrisburg.  

Get Rid of Prescription Medications Safely

Area residents looking to dispose of old or unused prescription medications are encouraged to take them to the MedReturn box recently installed at the Emporium Borough Building. The boxes are being placed in 29 counties across the Commonwealth to help safely dispose of prescription drugs and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. Prescription drug abuse has quadrupled in the past 10 years and now results in more deaths than street drugs. The problem is especially growing among adolescents. The borough office is located at 421 N. Broad St. Medications must be brought to the office during regular business hours.  


Anonymous said...

What other counties are going to get these sites ?

Anonymous said...

Yes! Please hold one of the EQB public comment hearings in McKean! How about Duke Center where all the recently abandoned oil wells are pouring crude into the Allegheny!!i=2454649975&k=sQSFwXC

Anonymous said...

I agree that there needs to be an EQB meeting in the McKean County area.... but I also believe BOTH sides (the public and the Independent Oil Producers) need to be heard.

If you have read ACT 13 and its revisions, you will see that it will GREATLY impact small CONVENTIONAL oil well producers.. Many local independent oil producers who produce CONVENTIONAL wells will simply not be able to afford to stay in business. They will be closing their shops! This will result in a trickle-down effect... Loss of jobs for their employees, cut-backs at oil refineries, lay offs at drilling companies and so on and so on.. This ultimately impacts the community (for example, cut backs in restaurants, convenience stores, etc...)

By the way, if you are not familiar with the oil industry, then let me inform you that the PA DEP does make sure that oil producers in the McKean County area are following state guidelines and regulations...

Bottom line, ACT 13 and its revisions should not lump unconventional (Marcellus) and conventional shallow oil wells together. They are not the same thing!

I also understand that people lack knowledge and experience and are relying on our government and media to guide them. But, remember there is ALWAYS 2 sides to an issue. So listen to the Independent Oil Producers, too.

Thank you.
Denise Cochran