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Friday, January 17, 2014

Corbett runs and hides from Philly students and parents

Corbett runs and hides from Philly students and parents

Corbett’s no-show at Central High is cowardly retreat from facing harm caused by his catastrophic war on public education

Harrisburg – John Hanger today said he’s not surprised that Governor Corbett does not have the courage to face Philadelphia students and parents after his catastrophic war on public education in Pennsylvania harmed students like those at Philadelphia’s Central High School.

“Governor Corbett’s planned visit to Central High School today would have been the height of hypocrisy,” said Hanger. “His education cuts left the schools without nurses; the cuts closed Central High’s library; his cuts left only two guidance counselors for the 2400 students at Central High. Because of his cuts to education funding, 21,000 teacher and education staff lost their jobs all across the state.”

“Corbett’s no-show at Central High shows that the governor is a coward,” said Hanger. “He does not have the courage to face the students he has harmed with these cuts.”

“Corbett’s visit to Central High was never anything more than a political stunt,” said Hanger. “He planned to use the students as political props.”

“Corbett’s education funding cuts are causing real, personal harm to the young people of Central High and all of our public schools,” said Hanger. “The damage has been most devastating to Pennsylvania’s urban schools. Every young person, no matter where he or she lives and no matter how much his or her parents earn, deserve an education that will prepare them for a productive future.”

Democratic candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania John Hanger is widely regarded as one of the most insightful and best informed progressive public policy experts in the state. Formerly a public-interest lawyer advocating on behalf of low-income families, John is nationally recognized as a leading authority on clean energy development and environmental protection. He served both Governors Casey and Rendell in key positions: first for Bob Casey as Commissioner of the Public Utilities Commission, where he successfully fought to cap electric rates to save Pennsylvania ratepayers billions and for two years as Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection in the Rendell Administration. Throughout his career in public service, John has embodied the essence of his campaign slogan "Policy first, politics second."


Anonymous said...

Tchnically if the teachers unions weren't so greedy, there would be plenty of money!! Not a Corbett fan so not defending him!

Anonymous said...

I see hangers true colors coming out (dirty democrat) more and more as time go's by. There is no war on education it's the teachers union holding education system hostage. Policy first politics second what a jackass!

Anonymous said...

That's what you get from a Republican.

Anonymous said...

he should cut his pay check because he over paid for what good his dose for the people, he dose not need to be paid at all gas companies give him a big pay check poor boy said that

Anonymous said...

ok you hard working people get ready for a rise in state wage tax well rise gas tax house taxes went every year, no brake your in tax ,I am old on S.S not much by the time you try pay for food, tax, your broke , no food stamps make to much money S.S worked 70 years next step is sell the house buy motor a motor home no school tax and no more tax on house much cheaper

Anonymous said...

dirty tom is out to eliminate living wages from public and private sectors, that way in can have more money to big business buddies

eventually the despicable political system will collapse in lock step with the work depression in history

just look at whats going on

cut cut cut, so local governments cut needed services and raise taxes LOOK OUT THE REPUBLICANS ARE RAISING YOUR TAXES AGAIN !!

just look at how we here in potter co. are being ripped off at the gas pump .40 cents above what it is where there competition

and businesses wants taxpayer hand outs to survive. the downward of the economy will just keep accelerating until the all of potter co. goes to hell in a hand bag !

middle class with less and less to spend on nonessential will get worse, many of us can little afford more than necessities

due to the high cost of price fixing, food and energy costs it has become a lost cause

spending power of the middle class creates jobs and reduces prices

and consumer protection in pa is a joke !!

Anonymous said...

pa laws are going to people in the poor house. I am getting ready to sell out, I am going to sell out I have big trucks, tax to death fed tax heavy high way tax fuel road tax

Anonymous said...

jeez, I read some of these posts and get depressed. If the bloggers' writing is a representative sample of what they learned in public school, that's an indictment of the system.

To be sure, Corbett hasn't been kind to public education, especially the universities. But to think the democrats, represented by Hanger and his kind, have better answers, is naïve.

We spend a lot of money on education. But the main factor in determining the success or failure of any one student or group of students, is to look at the environment they come from and the role of the parent(s).

Stop blaming everything on politics and the unions. Read to your children every night, encourage them to explore art and music, and stop leaning on the educational system to impart whatever knowledge you wish them to have.

Be sure they're active, whether in organized sports or with friends, limit their time on social media, eat dinner together, speak to them, listen to them, and have a compassionate ear. The kids will turn out ok if we all play a role. Just stop relying on people like Corbett and Hanger to do for you and your family what you should be doing for yourselves.

And stop all your damn finger pointing and whining; it's getting old. And learn how to spell!

Anonymous said...

Our foreign enemies just love all this inner fighting. One day they will swarm in and take over America.

Anonymous said...

lol ok 531

any minute now the invasion fleet is arriving

and all we have to defend us is a military ten times larger than the next 20 countries on the list put together

if anything destroys this nation, it will be people like Corbett who sell it out from under your feet.

Like the mortgage fraud mess. People get thrown out of their homes, banks get bailed out, and Chinese investors come in and buy the properties

sorry, not Chinese investors, "JOB CREATORS"... wouldn't want to offend any Republicans

education is the same thing. screw the little guy, get rid of the middle class, increase the lower class and the international billionaires get more of the pie.




there is plenty to go around, at least there used to. And all that cash isn't sitting in some secret "union" stash somewhere. It's in the Koch's and Romney's and Bloombergs offshore accounts.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I am no way shape or form a fan and or would vote for Corbett, and unless there was something urgent that he needed to tend to what he did was very cowardly. However when it comes to the policy on funding education I would like to point out that despite the system gaining massive amounts of more funding over the past 30-40 years not a single dime (inflation adjusted) has made a directly much of a change. When it comes to the state of our education system, the single largest hindrance to any advancement has been societal. Parents, students, some teachers and certainly the Unions (despite their rhetoric) no longer take the responsibility and initiative that we used to or the countries and alternate systems do when it comes to education. Everyone here is pointing finger.....Ahhh its Republicans......Ahhh its Democrats... But when it comes down to it, Its all of our own damn fault.
Make no mistake, as a college sophomore with $40k in debt of course I would relish in some govt. funding (parents can't help despite the govt thinking so) but all at the same time it would be doing a disservice to others in the way of the national debt and in the form of taxation. My philosophy when it comes to college cost everyone should pay the same. If your parents or yourself can pay it, then good for you! If you can't, then do what I am doing (and what my parents did) and take out loans and go for a major that will pay it off. This might actually drive down college prices since colleges would actually have to compete and treat everyone fairly (not charging others more just because of financial state or demographics). End rant.

Anonymous said...

10:53 you have a LOT to learn

Nothing will drive down school costs as long as loans are a risk free profit for banks whether you pay or not.

Your school costs what it does because no matter what they charge, you'll take out a loan to cover it.

Or to say... no matter what you need, you'll get a loan approved. (thats the rub)

If you can't afford it doesn't matter. You can't declare bankruptcy and the government BAILS OUT the bank that rubber stamped the loan.

You're indebted to the government (forever if you fall on hard times) and they walk away with a nice chunk of profit for rubber stamping a loan.

All college students already have government funding. They just don't get to see any of it. It all goes to the banks.

Want to drive down costs? Stop government backing of school loans and let people declare bankruptcy if they need to.

That bank that gets all that nice treatment? They can dump billions in a bankruptcy.
Your $40K? too bad.

If only you had some lobbyists to sway your "representatives" the way the banks did in the 80's.

It would be harder to get funding to go to school. But as you said, that's the responsibility of the person that wants to go.

That is the only thing that would majorly reduce college costs.

As for public schools... yes we've increased funding, but have we increased it to match for increasing needs in population growth and technology and expanding facilities???

One look at Philly schools you can see it obviously hasn't.

You can't cry "we throw all this money at the problem and it makes no change!!"

when you can walk into a school there and see none of that money has arrived to THAT classroom.

The same idiots that think school funding has nothing to do with education are the ones that think the EPA should be dissolved right along with Dept of Education.

And if they succeed? You'll get whiplash watching all the corporate charter schools springing up around your feet.

Anonymous said...

The costs and the price of college are two different things. Colleges right now have little incentive to adjust their costs because of their ability to adjust their prices to the individuals who pay. Colleges right now also have alot of the power in terms of demanding taxpayer funds though backlashes in the public and student body. Some of my peers as I see are making the foolish mistake of taking out loans that they cannot afford in terms of potential job salary. If I wasn't going for engineering, which is a major that does have the ability to pay back loans of this size, I would either be going to a much cheaper institution, saved up enough until I could afford it, or wouldn't have gone at all. If more students had the same perspective as to the prices of college and the cost to them that exists, declines in student enrollment would become eminent and thus give the Universities no choice other than to adjust their prices.
The idea of guaranteed loans in terms of not being able to declare bankruptcy, and the bank being able to hold that loan over your head until you indefinitely, has the ability to become less of a problem if people who would take out these loans were more incentivized to have a plan for repayment. These loans are not without risk to banks if individuals die before they pay it back. That is why they charge interest to both generate profit for themselves, shareholders, savings accounts and other losses such as debtors dyeing before repayment. I myself am a HUGE opponent of govt. bailouts. When a bank or any other business goes bankrupt the standard procedure should be as when any other small institution goes under. This procedure is to break it up into small parts and liquidate all of its assets to pay for its outstanding debts. If the bank that currently owns my debt would go under, my debt would be sold to another financial institution, unless of course the govt. bails them out.
Back to public grade schools, I think we are both on the same page, we just don't see it. As I said previously the amount of funding that has gone into our school has undoubtedly increased and based on relative proportions has had little to no effect( statistically) on our levels of competence (inflation adjusted). As for growth, as a population grows, so should the tax base for it. In addition the funds that a classroom actually sees vs. how much there is supposed to be there doesn't seem to add up to me. The idea that "if we just had a little bit more money' is preposterous. There real problem is that the money that is to be allocated to classrooms and schools is not making it there. It's not how much we are allocating, it is how we are allocating it. Additionally as I said before, a more dominant factor in the education of our youth it the responsibility of parents and society. The most important role models for our children are the ones who should be the biggest drivers in the success or our children academically. This responsibility just doesn't seem to exist anymore and has little to do with money. Caring about a child's education does not have to cost a dime, just some time. Education goes far beyond the classroom
I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.- Mark Twain

Though we might not see eye to eye on solutions to this issue,I'm glad to that other people do care.

Anonymous said...


Banks do NOT ever, everevereverever, pick up the tab on student loans. THE GOVERNMENT DOES (aka your taxes and mine).

And no, tax base increase does not account for increase in population because all our jobs have been shipped overseas for the last 30 years.

I think we can see eye to eye on the fact that REAL education comes from the home and the community in addition to the school. And those who want to learn usually find a way.

But to look inside one school in, say, Philadelphia, you'd see what those kids need is funding and support. Not a "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" speech from a Republican like Corbett who will cut your funding and in the same breath pass millions (or billions) away to his oil and gas buddies who have done nothing to raise our state out of the pit that 48TH IN JOB GROWTH.

It's absolutely shameful. But corporatists will spin anything they can to appeal to cutting of social programs. Fox News doesn't do all that brainwashing for nothing.

And when the workforce is desperate and ignorant, the corporations have what they want. A nice pliable working class and a very low bottom line.