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Friday, January 10, 2014

Elk-McKean County CART Details Horse Rescue With Assistance Of Ridgway Fire Department

This is why we train so much! This happened in OUR barn, with one of OUR horses. It can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime.
Last night, I had the chance to put some TLART training to the test. It was for one of the horses at Silver Crown, where my horses live. OB, 33 yr old Arabian, slipped on ice in the pasture and couldn't get his footing to get back up. I had just left the barn at 4:30 and he was standing then. I got the call just after 6 pm that he was down. After several attempts to get some traction for him, I called our vet and the fire dept. With the fire depts most excellent help, we were able to get him on a makeshift glide (plywood) and get him to some snow covered pasture. Unfortunately, he was tired and couldn't get up on his own. So, he was pulled, on the "glide" all the way to the barn - total yardage, about 100 yards or so. Once in the barn, he was covered with more blankets and given a chance to rest. But he was too weak. With the vets approval, we rigged a makeshift sling, got a backhoe into the barn, and helped him stand. Gradually, he got the strength back in his legs and was able to support himself and eventually walk into his own stall. As of 11 pm last night, he was eating, walking in his stall and was warm. I'll have an update on him later. Thank you to the Ridgway Fire Department for all the incredible help last night. And a huge thank you to Allan Schwartz for the conversation we had last year in Grandview..

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Bon said...

So glad to hear the horse is ok!! I got the alert about the horse rescue and wondered what happened.