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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hanger highlights failing cyber schools – state turns down new cyber school applications

Hanger highlights failing cyber schools – state turns down new cyber school applications

All cybers reporting scores are failing

Harrisburg – John Hanger said today that his efforts to increase public awareness of the failing record of Pennsylvania cyber schools has paid off as the Department of Education once again denies all applications for new cybers.

“I have been pointing out since 2012 that the existing cyber schools are failing their 35,000 students miserably,” said Hanger. “All 11 of the cybers that reported scores to the Department of Education earned ‘Fs’ on the School Performance Profile.”

“While I am glad to see the Department turning down the six new cyber school applications, the Department is not addressing the dismal performance of existing cybers,” said Hanger. “Our local school districts are sending $350 million a year to these cybers - $49 million from the School District of Philadelphia alone. This is money that could be put to hiring more public school teachers, school nurses, counselors and restoring cut educational programs.”

“Some students may benefit from distance learning, but right now, those kids do not have access to a quality education online,” said Hanger.

Hanger is the only candidate for governor raising controversial issues like cyber accountability and marijuana reform.

“Our focus on the issues like cyber charters and the legalization of marijuana is having an impact,” said Hanger. “We are driving the debate and forcing other candidates to tell voters where they stand on these issues. And the increased public scrutiny of cyber schools puts the Department of Education’s actions regarding cybers under a spotlight.”


Democratic candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania John Hanger is widely regarded as one of the most insightful and best informed progressive public policy experts in the state. Formerly a public-interest lawyer advocating on behalf of low-income families, John is nationally recognized as a leading authority on clean energy development and environmental protection. He served both Governors Casey and Rendell in key positions: first for Bob Casey as Commissioner of the Public Utilities Commission, where he successfully fought to cap electric rates to save Pennsylvania ratepayers billions and for two years as Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection in the Rendell Administration. Throughout his career in public service, John has embodied the essence of his campaign slogan "Policy first, politics second."


Anonymous said...

You probably should not talk about legalizing weed and schools in the same paragraph, but Hanger is right about these cyber schools. Just go talk to Galetong and talk to the kids in these schools. You will quickly realize how bad they are and how much they cost the tax payer.

Anonymous said...

My Daughter is a A+ student in PaCyber plus she is proficent on the PSSA's. I guess it depends whether or not the student wants to learn. One thing I do know is when she was in the public school system she was below average in most subjects. My tax dollars are well spent now! I'm glad she has only 2 years left before she graduates the thought of putting her back in a public school sickens me.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Hanger or any in his family smokes dope?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to guess that parents are not willing to be parents and work with their's no surprise to see the student need parents to support them in public schools and cyber schools...

Anonymous said...

Okay this guy is smoking what he wants to legalize. Why threaten us with taking it away when the program is a big problem. Threaten the charters instead tell them to get there scores up or they will be cut. I do believe that the parent have to be there and support there kids through online schooling as well. But he is way off saying the schools could spend all this money better hiring more teachers. This guy is an idiot and doesn't know a thing about homeschooling. He is just pulling us all in a box and putting a label on it. Open your eyes the schools are no better. They may have better grades on those big old tests that get the schools money. When you put those kids in the world they don't have any life skills. The schools have cut Shop, Home Ec., Music, & Art. Take you head out of the pot and make the charters be better and come up to you standards instead of threatening all the homeschoolers.

Josh Hatcher Media - said...

My kids attend PAVIRTUAL - and are doing fantastic - Hanger needs to stop assuming that all are a problem.

Here's where the problem is - kids have behavioural issues in brick and mortar schools - mostly because of parenting issues...

and then they get expelled from school - so they attend a cyber school. ... where the parenting issues continue - and the kid continues to suffer in their education.

But - the government blames the charters....