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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Local Oil & Gas Producers Want To Be Exempted From New Regulations


Anonymous said...

Good bye and good riddance! My water tastes so much better without all you out of state goons up here knocking holes in the ground. Take your crying ass back to Texas or where ever the hell else you are all from....

Anonymous said...

This industry can't be trusted.

In fact, no industry can be trusted. Companies will do whatever they can get away with. If we make it cheaper or easier for them to break the laws and pay insignificant fines, they will.

That's why we not only need to hold them to the rules and regulations there are. WE NEED TO CRACK DOWN ON ENFORCEMENT

this is your childrens land and waters at stake. How do people not care about this?

Why do people take for granted (or just plain let an industry crap all over) God's gift to us?

We don't get another environment. This is the only one.

Anonymous said...

Have any of you ever wondered why Potter County has such wonderful woods and waters and so many other places do not? The answer is that the other places did too, but humans destroyed those places and turned them into what they are today. Before man ruined the landscape, Pittsburgh, Philly, New York City, etc were all lush forests like we have here.

Can't we just have one nice place that isn't ruined in the name of our god, Money?

Anonymous said...

That's your opinion. Go get a job out there. As I work in the oil field for a local small time driller we do abide by the rules and regulations. So until you work in the oilfields and learn the truth. Just keep your snide remarks to yourself

Anonymous said...

949 you're one in a sea of many

don't presume because your small shop actually cares about doing it's job correctly that the tens of thousands working the multi-billion dollar industry are

in fact, what is your point? snide remarks?

The only one being snide here is you. We're suggesting we KEEP the rules and laws in place and ENFORCE them. Is that a snide remark?

Since when did expecting responsible behavior out of others have anything to do with YOU? And when did it become so controversial?

You can't open the paper without seeing some oversight or violation. Some of them very serious and often carrying an insignificant fine (written off as cost of business, doesn't actually punish anyone)

Jerry said...

Better late than never, I for one am glad to see people standing up to big business. The truth is in your communities past. Take a look back in time when the first oil boom hit the area. There are still hundreds of uncapped wells in the northern tier leaching raw crude into your water tables. Truth be told it's all about share holders profit. To follow the rules it cost them money and they can't stand that. The logging industry learned that people are no longer going to just stand by and let them move in and clear cut every tree in the forest. Yet another lesson hard learned by the folks of the northern tier. Please don't let greed "Yours or Theirs" destroy your beautiful land.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a bunch of uneducated citizens. Did you not read the article? This is about small, shallow well producers not having the same refulations as multi billion dollar deep well operations. There have been many local oil producers who have been here for many many years. Well before the major gas boom. 10 years ago most of you never noticed the small producers. No one complained about water quality coming from their taps because their business did not affect it.....and nor will it. Please do research before you make your comments....especially 5:54 and 7:33. Its people like you who can't be trusted. Know the facts before flapping your gums. Once again....this is about shallow well oil producers....not deep well gas. And 7:49....have you been to potter county? There are deep gas wells punched in the ground all over that place!

Anonymous said...

Well stated 12:13 .... NO PUN intended. IF the same regulations go into effect for shallow well drillers as are proposed for deep well drilling MOST of our local shallow well producers will be forced out of business. The producers present at this meeting represented approximately 2000 employees. Do you think the Potter/McKean areas can absorb the permanent loss of this many jobs???

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't think you shallow drillers should have a break on the regs. There are thousands of abandoned,leaking shallow oil wells throughout McKean County. And it does affect water quality, you are stupid if you think it doesn't. The only people that like to smell crude are the ones profitting from it, the rest of us don't appreciate the stench.

Anonymous said...

The regulations should make sense, and from some of the emotional posts here, my guess is people don't know what regulations need pertain to shallow well producers as opposed to others. If they are sensible, maybe this time around the drillers will follow them better than in the old days, where regulations either weren't there or had no enforcement.