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Friday, January 10, 2014

Roulette Experiencing Abnormally High Water Usage

Roulette Experiencing Abnormally High Water Usage

Over the past three days, our Main Well has been pumping unusually high amounts of water, even considering those who may have been running water to prevent their service lines from freezing up. A visual inspection of the entire Water Distribution System this morning has shown no evidence of major line breaks within the system. One residence was identified and the water turned off so the owner could make repairs.

If you live in a Home or Mobile Home that is prone to freeze-ups in extreme conditions, such as we've had, please check your plumbing. After temperatures like we had, a lot of plumbing becomes a "time bomb." Once the lines start thawing out, those time bombs go off in the form of broken water lines or damaged water heaters.

With that said, I'd like your help. If you are experiencing any of the following please call the Township Office at 544-7549 and let us know.

Known Broken Pipes waiting for repair, and when you expect the repair to be completed.

Low water Pressure.

No water at all.

Water on the ground where it normally is not under freezing conditions or a fresh snow.

Thank you!

Kevin Bisher
Roulette Township Water Operator

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