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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sweden Township Police Department Warns Of Current Scams

In the past two days our department has received complaints about their electric/gas was going to be shut off and the need to go get a money order and send it to an address to keep their gas on.

The second is someone over the phone wants them to log their computer on to a web site so they could fix the computer from a remote location and fix/rid their computer of virus' that they had been notified of.

PLEASE do not be a victim of these crimes...hang up, DO NOT give them ANY information, These are scams. Nobody just calls you to give you money, to fix your computer, give you a prize that you won - without entering a contest.

Be aware...Be safe


Anonymous said...

Next they be a wantin' us to vote for some Demcrat or Pubican for Prezdent.

Seriously, get a name and number and tell them you will call them back. Most times they hang up. Another scam is to call you with a fake )local) number showing up on your caller ID.

Anonymous said...

Calls also being received in Austin about the computer showing a problem. They claim to be with Microsoft---give them no info just like your local police has stated.

Anonymous said...

I also got an email about paying my bill online to company that was not my provider. Watch out for electric and gas scams in any form!

K said...

Just got a call again last night from someone wanting to fix my computer virus. (Makes about 6-7 of those calls.)

I told him God loves him and wants him to get a job helping people, not being a scammer.

Anonymous said...

Geez! I wish Austin had a town cop to tell all of us to have common sense.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry 6:13 the town council and school board have enough to cover it!