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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Think About It

Toxic People

Let me ask you a simple question, does your life have value and worth? If it does, then why do we allow ourselves to be torn down by people who care only about themselves? Is it possible that we’re so empty on the inside that while attempting to take care of ourselves, we actually do the very thing that causes us more pain and heartache?

There are people in our world that I would call toxic. They are toxic because they seem to contaminate and kill our joy, peace and tranquility. When we are around them, life soon starts to go down hill. Sadly we don’t see the correlation between these people and our emotions. Instead of seeing things for what they are, we blame ourselves and wonder what we could have doing to make things better. An abusive relationship is a prime example of what a toxic relationship looks like. Sometimes the worst of these are the emotional and mental abuse cases because they have such a deep impact on an individual’s sense of value, worth, and emotional health.

Joshua, when he was addressing the Israelites, stated that they had a choice. They could choose to serve God, or they could serve the gods of the Amorites, or the gods their ancestors served. But for he and his house, they were going to serve the Lord. We have a choice as well, but often times we do what we’ve always done, and change is hard. It’s also fearful. We tend to stay in what we know because to do otherwise is to take a risk. We like what is familiar, but it’s also why things don’t change.

Holding on to toxic people is like hitting yourself with a hammer. It will never get better, and only you can stop the pattern. We do have a choice and yes, sometimes it’s a hard one. But remember this, getting out of the pit still involves grabbing the rope that is thrown in. Perhaps it’s time to grab a hold. Think about it.


Robin said...

Who ever wrote this is so right. I was a victim of mental abuse for almost 30yrs. I lived in fear all those years. The day he punch my Daughter in the head was a big eye opener for me. Thank God she ok, sometimes I wonder what took so long for me to wake up. it took something tragic to wake myself up..

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% and would like to add there are also toxic places to live in (dieing run down areas)that you should get away from if you can.

McElwain Hall said...

What a good article -- thank you.