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Friday, January 17, 2014

Update On Jeremy Barnard

Day 15--Update On Jeremy Barnard

Happy Happy Birthday Son! We are so lucky to have you here to celebrate. Ariana and I spent the day with him and we decorated his room, got him his Joes Crab Shack he has been asking for all week. The hospital floor got him a little cake also.

They have determined that his foot is broken and it is now in a boot and is slowing his therapy down a little. His therapies were tough on him today and wore him out a little. He got pretty tired, but was a trooper and moved along! He got 27 cards today!!! Tomorrow, his son, his dad, his sister, his niece, and his nephew are all coming! We are going to PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay everyone - sitting down????????

Remember that my son spent 6 days in an ICU?

Remember that my son was found face down unresponsive in his apartment with a fever of 104.5?

Remember that my son was intibated and in very critical condition?

Remember how I told you how all the doctors kept telling us every day how lucky we are that he is still alive?

Remember the hospital is all calling him miracle baby?

Remember how a community of people, family, friends, neighbors, club brothers, fellow fire fighters, emts, ambulance personnel, co-workers, all came together in support and prayer of one needy soul?


If all continues to go well, Jeremy will be discharged on Wednesday and will be coming to Vine Street. He will have to have in home therapy and will have to return to UPMC Presby for his surgery on Monday, the 27th.

How can our family ever begin to repay all of you for your prayers? No one will ever ever convince me that those prayers and the grace of God are not the reason he is still with us. This whole event is nothing but a miracle and I am super overwhelmed by it and having trouble comprehending it all!
We will get through the rest of this - all with a little help from our friends!

God bless each and every one of you!!!


Anonymous said...

Great news Rene, don't forget to wear skates. Jeremy will have you running just like old times. All you need now is a new Wiggles to chase too.

Anonymous said...

That's Great!!!!

Tom Maynard said...

Rene and all of Jeremey's family and friends; I am a complete stranger to all of you. However, I have been reading all of your posts with concern, compassion, love and prayers. They are so well written. Thank you Rene. This one is a definite Praise God and Thank you Jesus one. I wish Jeremey and all of you nothing but continued healing, love, peace and joy. God bless you all. ♥

Anonymous said...

God answers prayers! I hope our communities can now see that God is who He says He is through this great miracle.
I pray for continued healing for Jeremy.

jan bloss said...

Praise be to God!!!! Rene & Buck, We are so very happy for you guys. Jeremy has shown to be fighter.. You are so right about being a miracle. They do still happen. We have many in this small town of Port Allegany, Pa. I know I have one in my family as well.(Kiersten Kio).. I pray that Jeremy continues his uphill climb. I also pray for you & Buck. You will also need the strength to be his care givers..Love you you all.. Many prayers will be coming your way. PRAYER DOES WORK!!! Thank you Jesus...

jan bloss said...

Praise be to God!!!! We are so very happy for Jeremy and you guys.. Prayer does get answered.. God is good. We will continue to pray for Jeremy and you're family. God know you will all need have so many miracles in this town. I pray that people can see how god has been working in this little town of Port Allegany,Pa. Love to you and the family Rene. Keep strong and Jeremy will continue his uphill climb. Tell him Denny & I send our love... Prayers!!!!!

sharon said...

Happy Birthday Jeremy!!! Keep u th good work!!! Thoughts and Prayers to u and ur family!! :)