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Saturday, February 15, 2014

EPA approves permit for Brady Twp. injection well near DuBois City Line

EPA approves permit for Brady Twp. injection well

Courier ExpressPosted: Thursday, February 13, 2014 11:00 am

The Environmental Protection Agency has granted a permit for a disposal well in Brady Township that generated widespread opposition when it was proposed in 2012.

The site will be used to store and dispose of the liquid leftovers from the drilling process used to extract natural gas from the Marcellus Shale layer.

Windfall Oil & Gas of Falls Creek applied for the permit to build the injection well at a site just off Highland Street in Brady Township near the DuBois City line.

In announcing its decision, the EPA posted a 13-page summary of the permit requirements and a 16-page summary of its findings with respect to concerns raised by residents during public hearings and subsequent comment periods.

Those concerns included the well’s proximity to water supplies and the potential for contamination, the EPA’s jurisdiction, the safety of the well and the potential for it to induce earthquake activity around the site.

The announcement comes a week after the EPA issued a permit to Seneca Resources for a similar injection well in Highland Township, Elk County. 

According to previously published stories, the Brady Township site would be used to store brine water that is extracted from deep wells drilled for Marcellus Shale gas. Once the water has been used in the hydraulic fracturing process, it is often transported to another deep well where it is pumped for storage.  Read more...


Anonymous said...

Good thing the gas industry was 100% honest with us up front in telling us that the waste water is perfectly safe and harmless.

Anonymous said...

there again all the places to do this it has to be near water sources? Have we no say left in anything?

Anonymous said...

that is so our leaders can take over and control our lives with government owned water sources