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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gas Tax Increase Allowing For Increase In Liquid Fuels Payments To Municipalities

More Benefits from New Transportation Plan
$345 million in liquid fuels payments to certified municipalities

Gov. Tom Corbett announced that Pennsylvania's new transportation plan will allow PennDOT to distribute $345 million in liquid fuels payments to certified municipalities March 3 to help them maintain their roads and bridges.

The allocation is $25.1 million more than the 2013 figure, roughly an eight percent increase.

Under Act 89, the new transportation plan Corbett signed in November, liquid fuels reimbursements will increase by roughly $220 million over the next five years.

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Anonymous said...

... ONLY if we continue to buy gas at the same rate as when the tax was lower. Any change/decrease will screw up Corbett figures. Even a slight increase of out of state buying of gasoline will screw up figures too.

Kinda like relying on people to gamble away their hard earned money to benefit seniors and lower school taxes.

Anonymous said...

Looks like some other pictures I've seen of dark times in history.

Anonymous said...

Yes how in the world does a tax increase help. It will not because we all will purchasee LESS gas resulting in a lower revenue. What a dope he is. Thanks you jerk! for helping to take MORE out of my homes operating funds.

Anonymous said...

10:43 kinda like obama care oh i forgot you liberals like obama care.