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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Republican Party Leaders Unanimously Endorse Corbett For Second Term

Click HERE to read 250 voters thoughts on a second term for Tom.


Anonymous said...

Republicans are drinking the Kool-Aid like they usually do.

Anonymous said...

SERIOUSLY?!?!? Are the Republican leaders really THAT stupid?

Anonymous said...

Phil has a better chance of predicting the weather then Corbett getting reelected.

Anonymous said...

I am a republican but will DEFINITELY VOTE for the democrat candidate no matter who it is!

Please Choose Responsibly said...

If we want more Marcellus work and associated jobs, stay the course with Corbett. If we want to stop oil drilling and timbering choose John Hangar.
Will John Hangar create "green" jobs that are sustainable? Once the Govt. subsidies stopped, the wind turbine work stopped also. Unfortunately, the current technology is not yet advanced enough for wind and solar energy to be competitive with conventional electrical generation plants, read: fossil fuels, be it gas, coal or fuel oil. Should we as taxpayers subsidize private industry to experiment with new technologies? Is this a wise use of our tax dollars? Are we subsidizing billionaire Elon Musk's electric Tesla automobile? Should we subsidize billionaire T. Boone Picken's wind turbines? or his Natural Gas refueling stations for cars and trucks to be powered by CNG or LNG? These are the same questions that we should be asking our potential gubernatorial candidates. The future direction of PA as an energy leader and net exporter of natural gas lies in these gentlemen's tenure as the future governor of the Commonwealth.

Anonymous said...

Tom can't lose.

If he doesn't win the election...

well you know the saying

"every time a bell rings, a politician gets his lobbying wings"

Anonymous said...

He shouldn't even win a dog catcher position!
Bad choice the 1st time...DON'T make it again!

Anonymous said...


give it a rest. We're subsidizing EVERY form of energy. (Not that facts are welcome in what you're shoveling.)

Many renewable energies put electrical power INTO THE LINES that we use here in PA.

From what I've seen, most our propane is getting bottled up and shipped overseas, and our rates can be expected to continue to climb because of it.

Think for 2 seconds. If people in Russia and China are willing to pay more than we are, with shipping it across the sea included, they will only be willing to pay MORE in the future. As we make it cheaper (with pipelines) to ship it out of the nation, you're bill has to go up or Pennsylvanians just aren't worth selling to vs the Chinese.

Energy independence. Lol. You bought that line. hahaha. What did you think? That they would implement common sense export tariffs on fuels to make us energy independent??? LOL.

International oil and gas conglomerates profits would fall. Heck, us taxpayers would have to subsidize them more just to make up for it (we do it all the time)

We get minimal, MINIMAL benefit from drilling and that's apparent as Pennsylvania is 48th in the nation in job growth.

FORTY-EIGHTH (for the geniuses out there, that's out of 50 total)

And the tax payers have to cover all the costs of industry impact, which is huge. From roads to waters and all the things you don't see.

And this doesn't even approach the health issue.

Chemicals being injected into our ground that lobbyists who BOUGHT OUR STATE REPS have legally sealed the records on (not to "protect industry secrets" but because they can't have you bringing evidence against them that their chemicals are in your water)

Any industry that puts legal gag orders on families that are victims of their actions should be investigated, not given free run of our state lands and waters.

I think we need drilling. But not under Corbett. We need someone with the integrity to say "SLOW IT DOWN, LETS MAKE SURE WE'RE DOING THIS RIGHT"

Then again, we need a lot of things.

And Corbett isn't attempting to do any of them. Just lining his buddies pockets and RAISING OUR TAXES.

Anonymous said...

Amen 8:52
That is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Forty eighth in job growth. That is embarrassing and that fact alone should be enough to make Corbett a one term governor. Remember all the lies they told us at the gas expo. Ridiculous!