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Friday, February 14, 2014

Think About It


Have you ever noticed the number of people that use violence to get what they want, or to deal with their emotions and frustrations? Sadly, it is too many.

Violence is simply an uncivilized way of dealing with anger. Often it comes about when another feels that they have lost power, so in order to get power back they resort to violence. Violence intensifies any situation. The stronger takes on the weaker in an intense show of strength. Sadly, the violent often bring upon themselves greater troubles as their actions bring other consequences. Legal, medical, and relationship ramifications can be all consequences of a person’s violent act.

A violent response to a problem is often seen as paralleling a response of a child who doesn’t get its own way. Children, especially two and three year olds, will hit, pull hair, and push other children to get what they want. Interestingly, you don’t have to teach children to be violent, but rather you have to teach them how to control their anger and to share. Yet if left unchecked, a child learns that violence will get them what they want, and they’ll continue the same behavior. This is also true with teens and adults. It isn’t always about doing what’s right, but rather about doing what gets results and if violence gets results, it is an incentive to continue. It’s not just physical violence, it can be verbal as well.

Violent people will often blame others for their violence. Rather than take responsibility they blame the other for doing something that provoked them. You may hear, “You made me hit you” or “If you didn’t do what you did, I wouldn’t have lost my temper”. But regardless of what they say, they are still responsible for their actions.

Violent people need to be held accountable for their actions. Who’s going to do that? Each of us is responsible to stop the cycle. Hard? Yes, very hard but it must be done. Think about it.


Anonymous said...

Yes & they destroy peoples lives just to get what they want through their violence & it is very sad, they will control & manipulate only to get what they want & they do not care who they hurt !!!

Anonymous said...

You are right violent people need to be held accountable for their actions . Tell that to the local judge and DA. when the local cops are busting peoples heads open in Coudersport. when there was no cause for it, They cover that crap up in Potter County. Then write it up on this blog as "a Stand off that ended peacefully" Your local criminal justice system is corrupt as hell. Write about that why don't you!

Anonymous said...

it's an accident

McElwain Hall said...

I think this is a very good article about a serious subject. But apparently it hit home with some people who violently attacked with words. Why is everyone so angry?!?

Anonymous said...

Please, google search "The Peace Pole Project". They'll send the pole ( a permanent monument for your school or church)to you for free. It helps children(and us) ponder the beautiful concept of world peace and foster it. Also, please pray for the oppressed & abused Christians living in the brutal Holy Lands(Occupied Palestine). They're living under the brutal occupation & seige of crazed Israeli settlers and a severe military presence and its grave human rights abuses. They NEED our prayers and support. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Christians ought to move the heck out of Palestine then. Better yet do away with The Christian religion the Jewish religion and the Muslim religion. Fighting over a piece of ground. How bloody stupid do you have to be? Oh and sometimes violence is warranted. To borrow a line from Sean Connery in First Knight. " There is a peace that can only be found on the other side of war." And to that I would add "There is a discipline only to be found on the other side of a pop to the butt." Which is what a lot of these kids today need.

Anonymous said...

People who are under military seige & can barely afford, to feed their children "should move the heck out of Palestine"? And you're speaking of hitting children on a post encouraging non violence? Charming.