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Friday, February 7, 2014

Thousands Still Displaced In Southeastern PA After Ice Storm

Thousands Still Displaced In Southeastern PA After Ice Storm

Bucks County resident
What a day. 

I am truly exhausted. 

Still no power (like many others) and feeling so displaced. Only 2 days in, feels more like 2 weeks. 

At the house twice today. First just checking on things and left feeling defeated and helpless with the temp below 40 and the basement flooding. 

The second time in a mad dash to winterize the pipes n potty, catch the cat, gather what food I could and pump the basement out thanks to our wonderful neighbors Donna and Lou. Thank you
can't express our gratitude. 

Now Joe, Luke and I at the in laws, Alex staying at a friends and Sam sleeping at the house.  

I am emotionally and physically drained. Thanks to everyone for offering a place for us and calling to check on us. Linda, your call meant the world to me. Lynne, I don't know what I would do without you. 

So now trying to get Luke calmed down and get some much needed rest. 

Please PECO hire more help. I need to go home!

UPDATE--DAY 3, 4:00 PM--Joe just called to tell me that 30 electric trucks from Joplin, Mo just pulled into the parking lot on New Falls Rd by 413. I sure hope they are our Knights in Shinning Armor!

DAY 3--7:30 PM-- Just pulled up to the house and still no power.

DAY 3--10:00 PM-- Heading home. Power is on. So thankful for the all the electric workers that have been working countless hours to restore our Power!


Anonymous said...

pray everyday for all of you who are in this position. Each night I lay my head down I think of you.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it about time the electric companies buried all their lines? Instead of the US sending billions of dollars overseas, invest it in a project that will keep citizens less vulnerable to the ravages of storms.

Anonymous said...

Part of the problem is all utility company's have cut back on maintenance they only do what is absolutely necessary. Our infrastructure in the us is crumbling fast !

Anonymous said...

I work for a utility company and the cost to bury all electric lines would make your electric bill astronomical. Plus not all terrain is condusive to it. On the other comment maintenance is done yearly on distribution and transmission lines at least in NY state. Until you actually walk in another employees moccasins and do their job to have any kind of expertise you should just be quiet. Lineman work long and hard hours to restore power and are one of the most dedicated group of employees you will ever encounter. Plus the conditions they work in during this type of ice storm are unimaginable and dangerous. To the contrary too I believe most utilities have been making infrastructure improvements in the last ten years. Mother nature doesn't care if the pole, crossarm, or transformer is new or old a thick ice coating can and will break/destroy either.

McElwain Hall said...

Thank you to all the men & women (and their families at home) who worked tirelessly during this power emergency. In spite of the inevitable complaints from those who waited longest for the restoration of power (yes, someone has to be last as well as first), you are greatly appreciated!