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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chesapeake Energy has been issued another permit to drill in Sweden Township

Your readers may like to know:

Chesapeake Energy has been issued another permit to drill in Sweden Township. This energy company has been the cause of multiple clusters of private drinking water well contamination in Bradford County and other areas. Public Herald recently published the first in a report series about the latest water issues within 2,500 feet of a problem well pad operated by Chesapeake Energy in Leroy Township, Bradford Co. -

Pennsylvania oil and gas law dictates that any private water wells within 2,500 feet of an unconventional well like the one in Sweden Township should be tested by the gas company prior to drilling considering the law reads that:

it shall be presumed that a well operator is responsible for pollution of a water supply if:

(1)  except as set forth in paragraph (2):

(i)  the water supply is within 1,000 feet of an oil or gas well; and

(ii)  the pollution occurred within six months after completion of drilling or alteration of the oil or gas well; or

(2)  in the case of an unconventional well:

(i)  the water supply is within 2,500 feet of the unconventional vertical well bore; and
(ii)  the pollution occurred within 12 months of the later of completion, drilling, stimulation or alteration of the unconventional well. 

Private water wells owners should conduct their own water test, covering oil and gas parameters, by a certified testing agency. Predrill testing is a homeowners only defense in the event water contamination occurs, though predrill testing does not guarantee the state, industry, or judge will actually restore a damaged water supply. Read more about how predrill testing is dismissed on -  

Homeowners may consider four quarters of water testing.  These protective measures can be cost prohibitive up front, but in order for operators and to be held accountable in the event of groundwater contamination, homeowners may consider doing all the testing they can afford.  Those without finances to conduct their own water testing should contact their local officials for help. 

Melissa Troutman
Managing Editor & Program Director |

Co-director, #TripleDivide


Anonymous said...

This is not the first well to be drilled from the Arch location so I would presume the wells within 2,500 feet would have already had their water tested. Therefore baseline water samples would already exist for these homes.

I see you reference an article that is ironically written by an anti-gas activist. What your article fails to mention is that the referenced well is nothing more than a shallow spring fed "well" in which water quit running in one of the coldest winters in recent memory. I also believe since the weather has warmed up, the well magically started running again.

Just so you are aware, the well that went online in the article was drilled over a mile beneath the earth. I would love to hear your logic on how a well that was drilled thousands of feet deep affected a shallow water well. I am willing to bet you have no documented facts as to what caused this well to "dry up", only fear mongering tactics to blame it on a natural gas company because that is the easy out.

I have an idea for you Ms. Troutman, drive your car home after work, which ironically runs on fossil fuels, turn up your thermostat so your natural gas heats kicks on, turn on your TV and DVD player, which run on electricity generated by natural gas, and watch the movie Truthland. You may actually learn something.

Anonymous said...

Banks are turning down home loans close to these unconventional wells... Fact

Anonymous said...

Ok, how about the people who have had their water contaminated. What about the health and well being of those families. The last I knew the water comes up out of the ground. Also, I thought electricity was generated by water, when did that change. I personally would not let them near my property. I would much rather see the use of wind turbines or garbage energy. It seems to me we have enough of both to fuel our country.