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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Corbett proposal misses the point of drilling moratorium: Rick Carlson

Corbett proposal misses the point of drilling moratorium: Rick Carlson

By Rick Carlson
Rick Carlson, of Harrisburg, served as a policy director of the  Department of Conservation of Natural Resources under former Govs. Tom Ridge and Ed Rendell.
Penn Live Op-Ed 
Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Secretary Ellen Ferretti's recent comments clearly implied Gov. Tom Corbett's budget proposal would aid public land stewardship with two initiatives.

The first would lift the current moratorium on new gas leasing in our state parks and forests where there would be no surface impacts.

As the budget hearing in Harrisburg last week demonstrated, the current administration has failed to understand the full intent of the current moratorium developed under former Gov. Ed Rendell.

Specifically, the moratorium recognized the importance of protecting surface and groundwater, and the result was DCNR initiating a large scale water monitoring and evaluation program before new areas would be leased for drilling.

Surely the administration understands being a responsible steward dictates that we not lift the current moratorium until DCNR's water monitoring and evaluation has assured us that both surface and ground water quality are not being threatened by the extensive drilling and fracking currently underway on existing leased sites.

Instead, we are to be fooled into believing that leasing new forest land will be OK as long as we don't see any surface disturbances...shame on them.  Read more...


Anonymous said...

SHAME on you...Do you realize tpotus is closing MOST COAL POWERD ELECTRIC Producing PLANTS. If we have another winter like this past one[HAARP-Geoengineering-Weather Modification-chem Trails] there is NO WAY the remaining Plants can keep the GRIDS DEMAND Satisfied...We Should be FRACKING like crazy to convert them all over to natural gas...He is also attacking WOOD BURNING STOVES MANY People are going to FREEZE to DEATH But of course they can haul them off to FEMA [Death Camps]...Your LIES about FRACKING are getting OLD !!!

Anonymous said...

So don’t drill on the park land, just directly beside it? Toxic Tom, you and your administration know no bounds when it comes to selling out to Big Energy. That PA Wilds group should press for Oil and Gas funds to be used for land purchases. In the article Rick Carlson writes:

“This fund was proposed by Secretary Goddard nearly 60 years ago to take revenue from the sale of minerals on state lands and reinvest that money in land and conservation infrastructure that would provide long lasting benefits for all of our citizens to enjoy.”

Yeah, the Elk Museum is a fantastic addition to PA (gotta be Oil and Gas money in that structure) but large land acquisition (with wild-area designation) is truly the requirement for something to be considered “Wild”. That of course will never happen as it goes against Toxic Tom’s corporate sponsorship. Just as a point of reference: In 2007, The Nature Conservancy purchased an 161,000 acre property from Finch Pruyn in the Adirondack park. Then last year Governor Cuomo and DEC Commissioner Martens announced the acquisition of 69,000 acres of the former Finch Pruyn and other Nature Conservancy lands throughout the Adirondacks. This acquisition was the largest single addition to the Adirondack Forest Preserve in more than a century.