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Friday, March 14, 2014

Corporations Again Prove They Can't or Won't Follow Environmental Laws

DEP Fines Vogel Holding Inc. Subsidiaries More Than $1.2 Million

MEADVILLE -- The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced today that it has levied more than $1.2 million in fines against Seneca Landfill Inc. and Vogel Disposal Services Inc., both subsidiaries of Vogel Holding Inc.

The fines against Seneca Landfill Inc. total $634,375 and were levied for a variety of operational violations stemming as far back as 2011. The violations include exceeding daily maximum capacity, failure to implement odor control plans, mismanagement of leachate and failure to maintain equipment.

Seneca Landfill Inc. also incurred violations for improper storage of unapproved waste. The company operates a permitted waste landfill in Lancaster and Jackson townships, Butler County.

Vogel Disposal Inc., a waste transportation company, was fined $645,644 for transporting more than 500 containers of unapproved oil and gas residual waste to Seneca’s landfill, as well as numerous waste transportation violations discovered during waste hauler inspections between 2011 and 2013.

These violations included hauling waste in vehicles that were without safety equipment, contingency plans or proper signage; not leak proof or maintained to ensure no leakage occurred; and were not properly covered. In addition, Vogel Disposal Inc. conducted an unpermitted waste transfer operation at its business in Adams Township, Butler County.

In September 2013, DEP denied a landfill permit to Tri County Landfill Inc., also a Vogel Holdings Inc. subsidiary, based in-part on the history of violation by Seneca Landfill Inc. and Vogel Disposal Inc.


Anonymous said...

You can't even trust a person to do the right thing. That's why we have police.

Add to that the legal fiction that is a corporation, which allows a complete severance of responsibility from those making decisions and you get an entity that exists for one thing and one thing only, profit.

Law, the "right" thing doesn't enter into it. If you want a corporation to do the right thing, you must MAKE them.

The billionaires in this nation have used corporate news to convince you regulations are "job killing".

When the truth is, they just want to cut corners at the expensive of hard working people, helpless communities and the lands we depend on to live.

All they want is to get away with bloody murder. I wish I meant that purely figuratively, but between cancer rates and preventable accidents (like these poor oil & gas boys being incinerated by explosions at unsafe sites) and they are literally getting away with murder.

They bought your government and change the rules so you can't know what they are doing, or so what should be illegal is government condoned.

But we wouldn't want to make the "job creators" play by the rules. They are to be worshiped, so that they might bless us with their trickle down.

Raising that stock price a quarter point today is totally worth our workers dying and future generations getting cancer tomorrow.

/"conservative" America at work

Anonymous said...

All these fines are is the state collecting revenue!

Anonymous said...

9:21PM 3/14/14 YOU are so full of CRAP the rules and regulations for gas/oil Companies are out of control...Accidents happen in every work place and on sites is not that often. I agree with 1:57 PM 3/15/14 it is the State collecting Revenue... The same CRAP they are fining this Company for townships in Potter County pay for to be spread on Dirt roads and shoulders of hard roads...And the Cancers you are speaking of YOU need to look elsewhere NOT gas/oil...STOP spreading your long winded CRAP!!!

Anonymous said...


just keep telling yourself that

how would you know where to look for cancer?

they won't even tell you what's in their chemical soup they dump into the ground by the millions of gallons.

And THEY DEMAND LEGAL GAG ORDERS on the people who's lives they ruin before they'll pay them off (they don't pay for the damage they do, they pay for silence)

and the workers that often work in these chemicals would disagree. I can't work at McD's without an MSDS telling me specifically what is in the building that I'm working around

but these "out of control" regulations for oil/gas you mention? not only do these workers not get told what they're exposed to THEY OFTEN AREN'T EVEN GIVEN RESPIRATORS AND PROPER SAFETY EQUIPMENT

Those "out of control" regulations are why they don't have to be subject to the Clean Water Act, right?

"out of control" regulations


There are plenty of dead boys that died on well sites from preventable crap these companies just don't care about.

Profit above community health and
workers lives. They have no obligation to anything else. Wreck peoples lives and if you get caught? Slap on the wrist fine (if it's real bad, shelter assets offshore and just declare bankruptcy, like that company in WV)

You either have no clue what your talking about or your a corporate paid liar that spreads disinformation.

liar liar pants on fire 739. the facts do not support your claims.