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Thursday, March 13, 2014


MARCH 11, 2014

MEMBERS PRESENT: Tony Adami - Chairman, Joe Cimino, Tony Cimino
NOT PRESENT: Ben Hoppe - Vice chairman; George Bowen
OTHERS PRESENT: Joe Pagano - Potter County Redevelopment; Mike Plummer; Tom Smith - Borough Foreman; Dustin Shepler - Student Journalist; Mike Peleschak - Engineer

The meeting was called to order at 7:06 p.m. by the chairman.

Pledge to the flag.

Tony C. motioned to approve the minutes of the regular February meeting. Joe seconded the motion. All voted aye and the motion carried. Minutes of the February 11th meeting were approved as presented.
Joe motioned to approve the minutes of the February 17th Special meeting as presented. Tony C. seconded the motion. All voted aye and the motion carried.

Joe Pagano explained to the board that he is in the process of searching for property to be involved in a program with the Redevelopment Authority that is tied into CDBG funds, where the property would be purchased, uninhabitable building(s) would be demolished and a new building would be placed on the property. He stated that they currently have their sights on a particular property in the borough but more research needs to be done before they will know if it can be acquired. He also asked for a list of other possible properties that may be eligible for the program. An extensive discussion followed. The board is in favor of this program and asked to be kept apprised of its development.

Mike Peleschak informed the board that the Retainage for the Wetmore project has been released and the contractor has been paid. He also stated that the contractor is scheduled to return so that they can dig to examine the pipe(s) in order to investigate to issue of low pressure/production.

Joe reported that John McLaughlin contacted him from Triple Divide Coalition regarding conductivity monitoring at our water source and questioned if the Authority wished to participate. This will be based on grant monies received for the program. The board was in favor of participating in the program.

Joe also informed the board that he received a quote for the 12 volt batteries needed at the Wetmore.
Quote for 3 batteries, 1 charger, travel and installation was $1232.68. After a brief discussion, Joe was instructed to research whether or not he can order the batteries himself as a charger is not needed and Joe is capable of the installation. Tony is also going to check prices and availability through his resources.

Joe then stated that he is in need of new chlorine bottles at the water treatment plant. These run about $1240 for manual (which is preferred by operators). The board stated that this is routine maintenance and agreed that they could be paid for from the Restricted Reservoir account if necessary.

The secretary read a letter stating that Chesapeake Energy has applied for a permit to drill at their site located above the water treatment plant. Discussion followed with information coming forth that it is believed that there are actually 6 wells on the pad and currently only one has been drilled. This appears to be a request to drill for information gathering purposes.

The secretary also provided quotes from Kessler Tank for rehab/maintenance on the water tank. After discussing the board asked that Mike Peleschak provide more information on water tanks before making any decisions.

Mike Peleschak reported that the paperwork was all in for the Sherman Street Sewer project and that Notice to Proceed has been given to the contractor. He also stated that PENNDOT has allowed a 29 day extension for the project, partly due to the extreme weather conditions we’ve been experiencing and they adjusted/agreed to pay 75% of the actual project cost as provided in the agreement. Mike requested approval of a NO COST CHANGE ORDER for 29 days to be granted to the contractor. Joe motioned to approve the change order. Tony C. seconded the motion. All voted aye and the motion carried.

There was discussion regarding the project, how to dig, inspections, etc.

Tom informed that there are only 2 blowers left to be installed at the WWTP and that since the replacement of the blowers there’s been a big difference in the operations at the plant.

He also informed that some of the meters need replaced and that ICEA offered a quote for them. After some discussion, the board gave approval of the replacement based on the engineer’s recommendation and Tom’s preference.

The secretary informed the board that she has filed 2 civil actions to collect delinquent amounts owing and has filed 5 liens on those and/or other properties. The Authority Solicitor received copies should further action need to be taken.


Tony A. motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:55 p.m. Joe seconded the motion. All voted aye and the meeting was adjourned until the next regular meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 1st at 7:00 p.m. in the Borough office.

**** REMINDER****

Meetings will be held on the 1st Tuesday of each month beginning in April.

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