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Friday, March 28, 2014

Hanger Launches Pennsylvania People's Campaign

Hanger Launches Initiative To Press For 'Transformational' Change

Pennsylvania People's Campaign Builds On Agenda Of Hanger Candidacy

John Hanger today announced the launch of a new advocacy organization, the Pennsylvania People's Campaign, to press for the defeat of Governor Corbett and support the transformational public policies that Pennsylvania sorely needs.

"When I withdrew as a candidate I stated that I would continue to fight for the issues we raised in the campaign and that resonated with people across the state" said Hanger. "Through the Pennsylvania People's Campaign, we will be able to support the transformational changes for which Pennsylvanians hunger."

This transformational agenda will initially focus on policies to combat economic injustice, promote clean and sustainable energy, rebuild quality public education, bring forth a New Birth of Freedom that includes reform of Pennsylvania's unjust and outmoded marijuana laws, and restore integrity in government.

Hanger said defeating Corbett is the first necessary step, but then the work continues. "We have four excellent Democratic candidates, one of whom will be the next Governor of Pennsylvania," said Hanger. "We intend to be a source of support for the next Governor to transform Pennsylvania."

The Pennsylvania People's Campaign will combine communications, research and public mobilization to advocate for a progressive policy agenda. Platforms will include social media feeds on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, a new blog page, as well as publication of white-papers, news releases and interviews. Mobilization initiatives will draw on the network of almost 10,000 supporters of the Hanger campaign for Governor.

Hanger will serve as Chairman of the Pennsylvania People's Campaign, and will be a regular contributor to its communications output. Other senior members and supporters of the Hanger campaign for Governor will also contribute regularly.

Online links to the Pennsylvania People's Campaign include the following:


Roger Cohen 
973 632 4694


Anonymous said...

Didn't you get the hint no one wants to hear your more welfare handout programs and legalize dope for philly!

Anonymous said...

Really? 12:09 you need to go back to your basement and study your info a little more. Marijuana is more harmless than that poison you call alcohol that you shove down your face every night. People like you should move to the south where your ignorance and lack of common sense and FACTS are accepted. Just remember, us "hillbillies" kicked the crap outta the south do please continue to call us worthless. Everyone already knows how much you know.