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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hanger Withdraws From Race For Governor

Hanger Withdraws From Race For Governor

People’s Campaign Drove Key Issues; Made Case For Corbett’s Defeat

Harrisburg – John Hanger today withdrew as a Democratic candidate for Governor. The following are excerpts from Hanger’s withdrawal statement:

“At its outset, in November 2012, this campaign had three goals. First, propose bold, transformational policies to strengthen education, create good-paying jobs, protect our environment, produce clean energy, and bring forth a new birth of freedom for all Pennsylvanians. Our second and third goals were to win the Democratic Primary and end the long nightmare of the Corbett Administration in November.

“We have achieved much in this campaign, like making the most substantive case for Corbett’s defeat, according to Governor Rendell. We also achieved our first, and most important, goal of proposing numerous, detailed policy solutions that will rebuild Pennsylvania. We have driven the debate on issue after issue, such as charter school accountability, reforming our cruel marijuana policies that harm patients and ruin the lives of good people, as well as energy and environmental policy. These solutions are now part of the vernacular of the Democratic campaign, and they will be part of the policy package that will persuade Pennsylvanians to elect a Democrat as Governor in November.

“Our second goal of winning the Democratic primary simply slipped beyond our reach. Tom Wolf's television campaign has been startlingly effective, and he has taken a commanding lead, having reached support of 40% or more. With no path to victory, to press on could cause damage to the issues and people for which we campaigned.

“My primary opponents are excellent candidates and are conducting their campaigns well and honorably, never losing focus on the ultimate goal. It was a privilege to compete with them, and I count them all as friends. I am confident that our third objective, Mr. Corbett's defeat, remains clearly in sight, and I have never been more optimistic that we will be toasting that victory the evening of November 4.

“I want to express my profound gratitude to our friends and supporters who have made this not just a campaign for John Hanger for Governor, but a real People's Campaign, and in a very real sense, a movement. We won't stop talking about the issues, we won't stop working for them. The movement will carry on. So will the fight. I will be there for it.”


Anonymous said...

good now lets get back to work and produce the energy this country runs on

Anonymous said...

Glad that's over ! Now what does Wolf stand for i hope it's not dope and more welfare handouts like Hanger!

Anonymous said...

This campaign has "done so much" for Pennsylvanians....Except there is one key point that many of you may over look. Read carefully and you'll find this little gem..... "the policy package that will persuade Pennsylvanians to elect a Democrat as Governor in November." (Paragraph 3)

So let's get this straight, it's not about electing someone fit for the job and someone that will do right by Pennsylvanians. It really just boils down to making sure that a Democrat gets elected. Any Democrat will do, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Exits another Marxist/Socialist democrat.

Now the big bad candidate Wolf wants to limit other peoples' campaign donations to $5000, yet he donated 10 MILLION DOLLARS to his own campaign!!!!

Trying to BUY YOUR VOTE???!!!

Anonymous said...

And PA corruption wins again. "produce the energy this country runs on" commenter #1, That "energy" is raping and ruining Pa FOREVER. Renewable energy is needed NOW. How much of PA gas is going to CHINA? You're just happy because YOUR pockets are getting lined. A few get rich from fracked gas while the masses of humans & wildlife SUFFER in YOUR pollution of toxic filth. The only people who support fracking are the people who're making easy $ from ruining Pa forever. Then these people MOVE AWAY to places like Caroline, NY where there's a fracking moratorium. They whine & cry about how they're "fracking refugees" from Pa & how bad the gas companies ripped them off and ruined their water & soil. The poor? They're stuck behind in the toxic areas people like you created.