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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Kane Hires Attorneys Claiming Possible Defamation by Inquirer

Kane Hires Attorneys Claiming Possible 

Defamation by Inquirer

NBC 10
Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has retained legal counsel to represent her in a potential defamation issue involving The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Philadelphia attorney Tom Sprague tells Kane hired him and his father, Dick Sprague, on Wednesday after a series of reports ran in The Inquirer this week regarding the AG's handing of a corruption investigation involving state lawmakers.

Earlier this week, Kane told NBC10 the reports were "inaccurate and sensational" and called the paper's anonymous sources "cowardly."  Read more...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The decision to lawyer up and take “appropriate action” against either the leakers or the papers goes far beyond the bounds of a reasonable response. This is indisputably a newsworthy story. The public deserves to know what happened with this investigation and why it happened. Kane’s acceleration from “it was racism” to “it’s the Good Ol’ Boys” to “I will start suing people” is despicable in any public servant, but even more so from the state’s top prosecutor.

The Inquirer’s editor, William K. Marimow, gets this exactly right:

“Our lead reporters, Angela Couloumbis and Craig McCoy, have interviewed many people with in-depth knowledge of the investigation, including members of Attorney General Kane’s staff, in order to ensure that the stories are accurate, thorough, and fair,” Marimow said. “These stories are the product of months of diligent and dogged reporting – not a leak from a person with a political agenda.”

He added, “In my opinion, this is precisely the kind of issue that requires public scrutiny, specifically the conduct of public officials who accepted cash or gifts from an undercover agent and the quality of a three-year investigation launched and ended by a state law enforcement agency.”
Bravo, Inquirer. That’s journalism.