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Friday, March 28, 2014

PA Fish & Boiat Commission Currents


April 2014

Popular Links

by John Arway

Annual Spring Open House at Linesville
Hatchery Scheduled for April 5

The PFBC will host its very popular Linesville spring open house at the Linesville State Fish Hatchery on Saturday, April 5 from 11 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Scheduled activities include:   
  • Kids casting area.
  • Basic fly casting and fly tying.
  • How to tell the age of fish. 
  • Basic knot tying and how to rig a fishing rod.
  • Buy a $3 t-shirt and put a fish print on it. 
  • Buy your PA fishing license, posters, patches, and books.
  • Visit the boating safety tent to stay current on boating regulations.
  • Visit with staff from various divisions within the PFBC and other partner agencies at their booths.
Several of the traditional activities are dependent on having open water at Pymatuning Lake. The lingering effects of winter may prevent these from occurring. This includes walleye spawning demonstrations, including fish sorting, removing/fertilizing eggs; fish filleting and cooking demonstrations; and viewing fish in the 10,000 gallon viewing tank. 
Shuttle service from the parking areas to the Visitor Center will be provided. Directions: Turn south off State Route 6 at the only light in downtown Linesville and travel ½ mile to the entrance. Address is 13300 Hartstown Road, Linesville, PA 16424.
Sales Up 7.5 Percent on Eve
of March 29 Regional Trout Opener

On the eve of the March 29 regional opening day of trout season, the number of licensed anglers are up by approximately 7.5 percent. Every year the PFBC stocks about 3.2 million adult trout in 733 streams and 124 lakes. Stocking lists are available at: (Photo – Volunteers help stock trout on the East Branch Oil Creek in Crawford County.)
We Appreciate the Anglers - PFBC
Angler Thank You Campaign

This year on the opening days of trout season we will be taking time to thank anglers for their purchase of a fishing license.  PFBC staff will be deployed on selected waters to pass the message on, and partners are lined up to offer hot beverages to licensed anglers on these opening days.  Please see  for a list of participating businesses.  
Mentored Youth Fishing Days
Combined into One Day on May 10

Unusually cold weather has prompted the PFBC to reschedule its two Mentored Youth Fishing Days into one statewide date on May 10. The days were originally scheduled for March 22 and April 5.
“This program is designed to encourage adults to take kids fishing, to show them that fishing is fun, and to promote active, outdoor recreation,” said PFBC Executive Director John Arway. “We will be better prepared to deliver this experience at this later date when the weather is warmer and the waters are free from ice.”
“We have received nothing but positive publicity and positive public comments about the Mentored Youth Fishing Day program,” Arway added. “Adults and kids are excited and we want to keep it that way. To ensure our customers have an outstanding chance to catch fish on this day, the Bureau of Hatcheries will stock a fresh load of trout at each water prior to the event.”
For more information, visit
Boaters Benefit by Reporting
Fuel Purchase and Use

No one likes to pay taxes. That’s a given. But, what if you could get that money back each year in goods and services? Boaters can get those kinds of benefits from their tax dollars, but only if they get involved.
When a boater buys fuel, taxes are paid on that fuel at the state level. The tax money ultimately goes back to PFBC and is used for maintaining boat access areas, printing the Pennsylvania Boating Handbook, and running boating safety classes and more. Over the past 10 years, the PFBC has received about $1.5 million annually from these taxes.
But reviews over the last two decades suggest PA lags behind the national average in taxes refunded to boating programs. Every two years, when boat owners renew their registrations, they’re asked to estimate how many gallons of fuel they’ve used in that time. Those figures determine how much money the PFBC gets back, so accurate reporting is critical.
Not all boaters report how much gas they used, though, and some don’t report anything at all, either leaving the spot blank or inserting “0.” Reporting having used “0”gallons of fuel, as opposed to leaving that line on the form blank, is especially damaging.
If a boater leaves the line blank, the PFBC uses a formula to estimate how many gallons of gas the boat may have been expected to consume based on size. However, if boaters insert a “0,” that means no taxes are refunded. This, in turn, has a negative impact every year by bringing the average down.
If a boater has any doubt whatsoever about how much fuel he used, it’s better to leave that blank than report a zero.
Boating Advisory Board Meets

The PFBC Boating Advisory Board (BAB) met on Thursday, March 6, at PFBC headquarters in Harrisburg. Included on the agenda were updates on the annual Recreational Boating Safety program, Boating Accident Analysis report and the water rescue program. The board also reviewed several proposed amendments to boating regulations regarding an update to language in the lighting regulation, adding a definition for paddleboards and regulating the use of airborne devices.
For the complete agenda, click here(Photo, left to right, Laurel Anders, PFBC Bureau of Boating and Outreach Director; Loren W. Lustig, BAB; Mary Gibson, BAB Chairperson; Henry Grilk, BAB; Michael LeMole, BAB; PFBC Executive Director John A. Arway; and Ryan Dysinger, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Missing from the photo is Andrew Talento, BAB Vice-Chair.)

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