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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Senator Vincent Hughes Sponsoring Mental Wellness Conference In Phildelphia For HIs Constituents

Breaking the Silence

Register Now for Free Conference on Mental Wellness - April 4th & 5th - Philadelphia, PA

Sens. Costa, Wiley, Hughes, Smith, Teplitz
Click here to watch
Behavioral health* issues take a tremendous toll on our community due to the associated stigma, the strong tendency to remain silent when confronted with behavioral health concerns, the misunderstanding of the nature of the illnesses, and the lack of clarity about how to identify and access available, appropriate services and resources.
That’s why I’m excited to announce that my office, partnering with Temple University Center for Bioethics, Urban Health and Policy, and the Black Women’s Health Alliance, is once again organizing “Breaking the Silence: A Summit on Mental Wellness” on April 4th and April 5th of 2014. The event will feature guest speakers, workshops, and panel discussions to address behavioral health issues in our community.
Check out this website to learn more and register: You can view the full schedule at the link above, but some of the topics will include: Affordable Care Act and Behavioral Health Services, Empowering Parents Impacted by Autism, Your Blues Ain't Like Mine, Blurred Lines, Re-Entry 101: Living For The City, I'm Human Too! LGBTQIA Populations and Mental Health, What Happens In This House Stays In This House, BINGE EATING, The Art of Counseling African-American Men, and many more!
Please note that over the course of just 2 days, we will have over 100 workshops! Some of these workshops are eligible for CEU credits. The presentations will also cover employment services to adult consumers of mental health services through the city of Philadelphia.
Please visit the website to register and pass along this e-mail to your friends, family, and co-workers. Together, we can break the silence and become a healthier community!
State Senator Vincent Hughes

 * The new term behavioral health replaces the term mental health

PA Senator Vincent Hughes Makes Mental Health a Priority
Mar 12, 2014 | By Tonya Pendleton |
Pennsylvania State Senator Vincent Hughes is known by Philadelphians as a hands-on legislator with an active community agenda. As part of that agenda, the West Philadelphia native has been a major part of raising awareness for HIV/AIDS along with his wife, actress Sheryl Lee Ralph and for sponsoring events that deal with finances and assistance for the elderly.
Hughes is also very passionate about mental health. This year, he will hold his fifth mental health symposium, ‘Breaking The Silence’ at Temple University’s medical school on April 4th and 5th. Here’s why Hughes feels that mental health is particularly important in the African-American community. » Continue Reading


Anonymous said...

A State Senator working for the residents he represents. What is your state senator doing for you?

Anonymous said...

Ours goes to the superbowl !! So there !

Anonymous said...

The only thing he is doing is pushing a freebee agenda!

Anonymous said...

19:19 is right

Republican Jesus would disapprove of us providing for the poor and taking care of the mentally ill.

That freebee money is to go to our corporate overlords that ship our jobs overseas. So that their kickbacks may in turn better enrich our politicians campaign coffers.

Let us ignore the fact that so many of those in the city needing mental health are veterans discarded by our society

(I mean really... what have those deadbeats done for my stock portfolio lately?)

For we all know the poor are lazy, and didn't want those jobs here anyways. It's a Fox-Verified-Fact.

May the "Free Market" watch over us and bless us, every one. Amen.


Anonymous said...

The sad part is things have gotten alot worse in the African American community's since obama came into office. Must be the free bama phones and all the handouts didn't save them like he promised to get their vote.