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Saturday, March 29, 2014

The White House has a plan!


Some days amazing news comes across the wires and/or appears on the printed page. This is one of those days.

The White House has a plan!

The new strategy to start “slashing emissions of methane” (the admins’ words, not mine) and the one that will effect this region most, will begin in June. A biogas roadmap will be released jointly by the EPA and the Energy Department so the public will be able to identify the stinkiest areas. Apparently our noses aren’t sufficient. 

The intent of this map is to speed up the adoption of Methane Digesters. I was glad to have these contraptions explained because in my ignorance I’d never heard of one. Apparently their purpose is to reduce methane emissions from cattle --- both ends. The goal is to cut bovine greenhouse gas emissions by 25 % by 2020.

In my mind this is showing prejudice against those brown-eyed creatures which have been a nutritious food source for centuries, as well as suppliers of leather. Where is the American Civil Liberties Union when needed, or aren’t our cattle American? Is it time to start checking them for green cards?

If you believe cattle are being picked on let your politicians know. They should be aware that emissions come from both ends of most creatures! Didn’t our elementary science teachers teach us that carbon dioxide which is breathed out is the source of methane and necessary for healthy plants?

Of course other ideas will be forth-coming on the methane subject. The Interior Department “plans on making proposals” to reduce venting and flaring of methane related to O & G production on public land. The Bureau of Land Management wants public comments, i.e. ideas how to capture and sell methane coming out of coal mines that exist on land leased by our federal government.

It appears that the only solid plan revolves around the machines that will digest methane from cattle. Does this mean it will take decades to invent similar machines to solve the same problem coming from domestic fowl, horses, hogs, and (yes readers) US ?! Ah, what a wonderful world we will have then!

Hopefully when the biogas maps are released in June our region will receive enough copies for everyone. Then we’ll know where to go to see these machines in action. They will be delivered immediately, won’t they? GET READY!

The bones of this article were reported in the New York Times based on facts provided by White House news sources so I took them as “the gospel”. However it’s a rainy day and I can’t get outside to work in the yard, so my quirky mind picked up on the humorous side of how our government intends to work on serious subject.

Readers who connect my name with the 4-County Leasing Group know that environmental concerns have always been a big portion of our proposed leasing documents … as much as $$$ and %’s we strive for. Most of our members live in this region, and all treasure its beauty and wildlife. Environmental issues can’t bring an end to using fossil fuels, but they also can’t be ignored.

We just don’t have to take life’s challenges so seriously all the time.

Today is my day off!

Janice Lanphere Hancharick


Anonymous said...

Nothing changes. Same old governmental bureaucratic BS.

Anonymous said...

If you have farm animals the UN wants you to pay for global warming. This will hit our Amish folks hard. Food prices will soar.
Hows that hope and change working gang?