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Friday, March 21, 2014

Think About It

High Expectations

I suppose that it would be true to say that there are many people that live with disappointment. Would it be also true that that disappointment is the result of expectations that are set too high?

We live in a very competitive world. From a very young age, children are ushered into competitive sports. Competition and winning go hand in hand. Doing your best is great for those that win but for those that loose, it just doesn’t seem to be enough. Value and worth seem to have more to do with what is accomplished by the individual than who the individual is. We compare ourselves with others. Wanting to be like them or even better than them can bring incentives to try harder and train longer, but it can also lead to great disappointment and discouragement.

What are realistic expectations and can we develop healthy ones? Probably the greatest problem with expectations is that they are set too high without a good understanding of our own limitations. Additionally those that are in our life as coaches and encouragers can be setting the bar too high for our abilities. The first word of encouragement for those that have too high expectations would be to lower them, and do it now. If you don’t, disappointment and failure is around the corner.

Paul states: “And you should imitate me, just as I imitate Christ”, (I Corinthians 11:1). What does that mean for us? It really means that we should have good role models to follow. Good role models can lead us along healthy and realistic paths. A healthy role model will model the journey as opposed to a single event. As we all know, the journey of life is made up of successes and failures. None of these should define who we are as they are all part of what makes us who we are. To understand that my life’s expectations are going to be shaped by my choices and decisions today, can help me plan better for the journey of today. In doing this I can set lower and more realistic expectations for what my abilities are at the moment leading to success at the end of the day. Think about it.


Anonymous said...

Problem today is everyone is a winner no one is a loser. So no one learns their limitations. Used to be you lose the soft ball game. You go home with your head down. Other team gets to go have pizza. You practice harder and keep trying so you can get pizza. Some never did get pizza. But now every one gets pizza. Because every one is so afraid the kid that lost is going to go chuck himself off a bridge some where. Back when I was a kid if you sucked at softball one year you tried out for football the next or some other sport. If you sucked at sports you found something you were good at. You didn't whine and cry. And take a flying leap. The thing every kid and every adult needs to know is. There will always be some one prettier, smarter, stronger, better than you. And there will always be some one uglier, dumber, weaker, and worse than you. Come to grips with that fact. And your expectations become more realistic.

Anonymous said...

The key here is self-acceptance. GOD gave each and every one of us different talents and abilities. He never wanted us to compare ourselves to others. To thine own self be true. Be thankful for the abilities you do have and use them to their fullest. Do not covet what your neighbor has. We each are valuable and worthy. GOD doesn't make junk!