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Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Blossburg Bonfire, Students Just Want A Choice In School Closing

A Blossburg Bonfire, Students Just Want A Choice In School Closing

Published on Apr 19, 2014
by Lonny Frost

Blossburg students from the Elementary and North Penn High School burnt their letters from the Southern Tioga School District.

North Penn Area Concerned Citizens Group hosted a bonfire so the students could show their displeasure with the school district and school board members.

The letters from the district told each student where they will be attending school either in Liberty or Mansfield. Giving them no choice.

It was unfair what the district has done to local students after the board voted to close Liberty High and then a year later turned around and closed Blossburg's High School. Liberty was given more choices when their school was voted to be closed than students attending North Penn.

So students decided they wanted to show the district their unhappiness with having no choice or voice in the district's push to close a school.

Students and parents got to enjoy free hotdogs, drinks and many cooked marshmallows or made smores as they finally had a safe outlet for their feelings.

However, many fear that the Blossburg Elementary School will be closed next, although Blossburg has much more to offer in safety and emergency response than Liberty.

Also many who attend the schools in Blossburg feel the district has not answered questions, but instead just push the questions under the rug.

Video clip 1238 by Lonny Frost  Read more at Tioga Freedomist


Unknown said...

You have choice, You can fund the short fall out of your own pockets? What you don't have that kind of money, neither does the Government. Sorry

Anonymous said...

Yes you have a choice. tell your school board members to take a pay cut and all your staff. All social security and a lot of others are either unemployed or taken pay cut and large health insurance payments. Vote out your school board member ASAP> GET OUT THE VOTE THIS YEAR AND HELP REGAIN OUR FREEDOMS AND COUNTRY.

Anonymous said...

That must be the new rallying cry. "Regain our freedoms and country"!! Get a grip. You have more freedom here than in any other country. Just like you used to tell war protesters years ago-"Love it or leave it". Seems your whining has come full circle.

Anonymous said...

Sally works for John's Diner, gets paid less than min wage making far less than her boss.

Ruth works as a receptionist for a major law firm. She makes a fair wage and far below her law firm lawyers.

Look at any case and you will see that the SERVANT makes less than the one they are serving.

HOWEVER, there is one exception. Our public SERVANTS, our government. This is where the money shortfall is.