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Thursday, April 3, 2014

C&S Fire post fire Water Quality Warning

C&S Fire post fire Water Quality Warning

There is a possibility if Fire Companies utilize the Hydrants in the extinguishing of the current fire at C&S Lumber that our water quality may be compromised in the form of dirty looking water.

The water is not harmful. It will be more of an appearance issue if anything. It is not recommended to do any laundry due to possible staining of clothing.

If our water quality is degraded due to the fire, Roulette Personnel will perform an Emergency Line Flush beginning tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: Just got back from checking on the fire at C&S Lumber. Fire is out and no Hydrants were used.

There still may be a very slight possibility of dirty water created by high flows when the Fire Trucks refill their Tanks at the Fire Hall after returning.

If anyone experiences dirty water, please call the Township Office at 544-7549 in the morning.

Thanks again,

Kevin Bisher
Roulette Township Water Operator


Jeremy said...

Im not a resident of Roulette nor an I looking to start a "Solomans fight" with any one... But I do have a question for the Township people, I can kinda understand why the water might be a little off if they had used the hydrants to flow a large amount of water for the fire. But why would the water be that way just from filling their fire trucks back up after wards??? I mean we are talking about 500-1000 gal of water?

Unknown said...


Thanks for your question.

To explain, over time natural sediments build up within the water distribution system. This is true of nearly all water systems. This is why water systems are normally flushed in the Spring and Fall.

Line Flushing will be performed soon in Roulette as in many other communities. However, because this maintenance hasn't been performed yet, a Winter's worth of sediment is in the lines. Under normal residential usage this poses no problem.

In the case of Hydrant usage or refilling the Fire Engines, these sediments can be stirred up due to the velocity (speed)of the water used in fighting the fire or refilling Engines. It's not the amount of water used, it's the velocity of the water that poses a possible problem. High velocities can loosen the sediments and get them suspended in the water creating a "dirty water" issue.

Roulette's Fire Station is equipped with 2 inch lines for refill purposes. A 2 inch line can create a considerable amount of velocity within the system. Thus the potential for "stirring things up", especially with the possibility of a Winter's worth of sediment in the lines.

I hope this has answered your question.

The initial notice simply meant that there was potential for a dirty water issue related to the explanations given above, and that cautions should be taken until more was known.

Kevin Bisher
Roulette Township Water Operator