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Friday, April 11, 2014

Chief Forest Fire warden urges fishermen to be cautious with campfires

Trout season opens statewide tomorrow. And with it comes increased wildfire danger.

Chief Forest Fire warden urges fishermen to be cautious with campfires as the spring fire season is once again upon us. Many large destructive wildfires occurred on Thursday across Pennsylvania, damaging buildings and hundreds of acres of forest land. Those who head to streams on state forests for the opening weekend of trout season are reminded that open fires are prohibited on State Forest Land from March 1 – May 25 without authorization from the District Forester. County wide burn bans are currently in place in Montour and Schuylkill counties.

If you have a campfire please use proper precautions. Clear the area around the fire prior to starting it, keep the fire small and never leave it unattended. Before you strike a campfire match, first consider if it is too warm, dry or windy for a fire and if the surrounding area is free of leaves and other combustibles. Make sure there is a ready source of water (Bucket or hose) nearby and a rake to extinguish any embers that might escape. When you are done with the fire put it out with water until all ashes are cold to the touch. 

Remember, it only takes one spark to start a fire and if a campfire escapes and becomes a wildfire you will be responsible for the suppression costs. With your help we can protect our lands from forest fires.

Good Luck, Randy White, 

Chief Forest Fire Warden, 
Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry

1 comment :

concerned citizen said...

Please, no fish fries by the creek or river, wait until you get back to camp. If you plan on drinking until you pass out, please pee on the fire before doing so. Thank you!