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Friday, April 18, 2014

Eulalia Cemetery Could Use Your Help

As Secretary/Treasurer of the Eulalia Cemetery located in the Borough of Coudersport, I have read, with interest, articles about cemeteries in several newspapers in the area. 

One mentioned damaged headstones by pushing them over, covered by spray paint or chalk and/or stained by moss and dirt. These damages are costly to return these stone to their original state. There is enough of a problem with mowers that now discharge from the side rather than to the back and blows grass onto the headstones. Many cleaners that are used on the headstones cause damage to the actual stone so they are not readable for persons looking up their friends and ancestors . 

These headstones are an important part in preserving the history of families and communities. Most all also show a permanent record of dates of birth and death which is important to persons searching for relatives and acquaintances. Then there are graves with no headstone and the only evidence of where the person is buried is in records kept by cemetery boards. What happens if the records are not correct or destroyed by fire, etc. Another article called a cemetery a museum of people because each stone represents a life or a family’s life. So true!

Cemeteries are expected to be carefully mowed and trimmed around the head stones. This is costly. We are a business where you cannot say “If we have this many burials each month we can pay our bills”. It does not work that way. With each burial the community has lost a good friend, relative or someone who has given much to the community. The Cemetery Board does our best to make their final resting place a tribute to them. 

You can help the Board keep the cemetery looking it’s best , if, when you bring flowers in pots, to plant them in the ground next to the headstones. Also put other forms of decorations securely next to the headstones. This makes mowing much easier.

The Eulalia Cemetery Board is grateful for the many contributions received over the past years but must ask again that you consider a donation or memorial to help maintain Eulalia Cemetery. Please mail you donation and memorials to Eulalia Cemetery, Donna Lehman, Secretary, PO Box 226, Coudersport, PA 16915.

Donna F. Lehman, Secretary/Treasurer Eulalia Cemetery


Unknown said...

can I have permission to post this on selected Facebook pages such as "You know your from Coudersport if" ?
Thank you
Pete Wyatt

Anonymous said...

Very thorough, motion evoking, and very well written. The board and the community are lucky to have you Donna. Unfortunately this rings true in all rural cemetaries across the nation. My loved ones reside in your beautiful memorial resting place, as well as many others like it. I always try, when I visit them to spend a few minutes picking up overturned flags and gifts. I have also been known to do trimming around stones.
If you cannot afford to help financially, even small occasional gifts such as this will not only lower the cost of upkeep, it makes it look better for everyone.
Pay tribute to those that were here before us, served to protect what we often take for granted, and cared for you and those you love. They were all somethinghing, to someone and there aren't that many degrees of separation in an area such as this.

Anonymous said...

Recently the Reesville Cemetery in Costello created a "Go Fund Me" Facebook account and raised funds for the upcoming period of upkeep. It was surprising who some of the donors were (who can also be anonymous)and within weeks it raised $2,000. Our niece was the creator. Since Facebook is the largest social media outlet, that may be a consideration. I don't know what it entails, but it would be worth checking out. Wish I had more info but don't know that much about it myself. Most of the donations were $25, $50, $100, $250. It only took a couple of months to hit this year's goal, and additional donations are now being added to next year's goal. Food for thought. If you know someone who is Facebook savvy, it would be worth the time. I understand it's relatively easy.

Anonymous said...

Great message. Just a hanus act to vandalize a cemetery. Many who do something like that probably do not realize what a terrible and serious act it is. So hanus that someone would do something like that.

Anonymous said...

HUH! Wait a couple months & take a ride up to The St. Augustine cemetery in Costello! Disgraceful!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with 10:00 am. The St. Augustine in Costello has become very run down over the past few years. Untrimmed trees huge briar's growing inside the fence,some parts go unmowed and untrimmed. Who ever taps the maple trees around the fence never takes down the hoses and wires which looks terrible and is disrespectful in my opinion. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Picking up liter, pulling weeds, fixing flags are all good things.
It does cost a bit to run a cemetery.

Does anyone know if donating money towards upkeep is tax deductible? If so, this may encourage some that would not donate to do so.

Anonymous said...

9:57 - It's heinous, not hanus...LOL!