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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fake UPS Email Being Sent To ZitoMedia Customers

Fake UPS Email Being Sent To ZitoMedia Customers

There have been reports of a fake UPS Email being sent to ZitoMedia email addresses. This email is an attempt to have you download a virus or other malicious software. Similar emails may also try to get you to log into a fake website using your real information so that they can try to steal your usernames and passwords or other personal information. The thing to remember is to always be sure that a link or attachment in an email is legitimate before clicking on it. There are a couple methods to do verify these emails are real.

1) Check the “From” or “Sender” box to see if it’s from a company or person you know and trust. Don’t trust emails that appear to be from yourself unless you know you sent it to yourself.

2) Check the “To” or “Recipient” box to see if it’s being sent to just you or to multiple email addresses, or if your email address is even included. A lot of these fake emails are sent to numerous people at once and some of them won’t even have your email address listed.

3) In ZitoMedia Webmail, the default settings will prevent pictures and links from format and appearing properly. This is a security feature of the webmail. Next to or below where the link would be, Webmail places the destination of the link in brackets <>. Examine the address. If it leads to an unknown website, then don’t trust it. Zitomedia Webmail does this for pictures as well.

4) In Outlook, the security is more relaxed, however, the email may be directed to your spam/junk folder in outlook (and similar email clients). In this case, if you hover the mouse over the link, a little box will appear giving you the address of the link. Again, inspect the address. If it leads to an unknown website, then don’t trust it.

5) If you are unsure, don’t use the link in the email and go to the company’s main website yourself or contact the company/person and ask them if it’s a real email.

The senders of these fake emails may send them multiple times trying to get people to click on them. Sometimes to the same people, sometimes to different people. Just remember to verify the email is real before clicking any links or opening any attachments.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Nate Taylor at Hendo Computers via phone at (814) 558-8170 or email at


Anonymous said...

The thing about this is that UPS wouldn't send an email directly. Any updates regarding a pkg for an order has to be checked on the website of the company you ordered from. Those companies don't give out your email address directly to UPS.

Anonymous said...

7:20-that's not true. I get legitimate notifications from UPS about my pending orders.

Nate Taylor at Hendo Computers said...

Shipping companies have the option for you to sign up for delivery notifications. I have done this myself so I can track computer components and other packages coming in. There are also some companies that have an option to be updated with the shipping information when you make a purchase. When you sign up for those updates, sometimes you are giving the company permission to send your email address to the shipping company.

With UPS, it's called "Quantum View" ( With FedEx, it's called "FedEx InSight" (