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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pa. governor candidate McGinty basks in Kennedy glow during Scranton visit

Pa. governor candidate McGinty basks in Kennedy glow during Scranton visit

By Donald Gilliland |

SCRANTON — If you're going to try to get a political bump from associating with a Kennedy in Pennsylvania, Scranton is the town to do it.

Democrats here like to believe this is the town where Bobby Kennedy emerged from the depths of his grief following his brother's assassination to refocus his own life on public service and make a run for the presidency.

Thursday morning Bobby's son, Robert Kennedy Jr., acknowledged that legacy in a speech to Scranton High School seniors. He said his father "got such an endearing reception from the people of Scranton," when he visited on St. Patrick's Day 1964 to give a speech his brother had meant to give, that "he began to think maybe he had a role in public life again."

Later in the day when Kennedy was making an effort to shake every student's hand at the John F. Kennedy Elementary School, an old-timer leaned in and said, "He's taller than his father."

It's that kind of town.

And Katie McGinty, Democratic candidate for Governor, was never more than a meaningful glance away from Kennedy as he interacted with the students. Read more...

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