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Saturday, May 24, 2014

6 Boys Transported To Cole Memorial After Pickup Truck Crash

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6 Boys Transported To Cole Memorial After Pickup Truck Crash

Five teenage boys and an eleven year old boy were transported by Ambulance to Cole Memorial Hospital in Coudersport Friday afternoon after the pickup truck they were riding in rolled over on Skinner Creek Road in Liberty Township.

Trooper Frederick Burns, who investigated, said the boys were  a 17 year old driver, and passengers, two 15 year olds, a 16 year old, and a 11 year old, all from Port Allegany and a 14 year old from Turtlepoint. He did not identify them because of their ages.

Two of the boys who were seat belted were not injured. Two who were seat belted suffered minor injuries. Two who were not wearing seat belts were moderately injured. One was subsequently transported to an Erie hospital.

Trooper Burns said the 2007 GMC Sierra was traveling north on Slinner Creek Road at a high rate of speed when the 17 year old lost control and exited the roadway offf the west berm, driving along the edge of a yard, impacting a ditch, causing the pickup to rotate in a counterclockwise manner.

As the vehicle began to turn, it struck a small fence and two trees. After impact with the second tree, the pickup overturned one time and came to rest in the middle of Skinner Creek Road on it's driver's side door facing west.

Assisting at the scene were, Port Allegany Fire Rescue, Port Allegany Area Ambulance Service, Roulette Ambulances, Mc Kiernan's Towing, and Port Allegany Police Officer Tony Tanner.

The driver will be cited for Driving At Unsafe Speeds.


Anonymous said...

I pray that these poor kids are ok. I know that they call me an overprotective parent, but I still want to drive my son to destinations as I know that kids his age don't always think. I hope that parents start being a little more protective so that these things don't continue. I still want to know where my kids are and who is driving them. I know as a 16 year old driver, I still wanted to push boundaries. Parents please watch over your kids. They need your support even at this age.

Wendy M. said...

AS a parent of one of the young men that was in this ACCIDENT, I want to strees - that each and EVERYONE of the "parents" involved with this. Are LOVING, RESPECTFUL, GREAT PEOPLE, AND AWESOME PARENTS. I am glad that some parents have so much control,That They "THINK" They what there kids are doing ALL THE TIME(right?) --- Good for you! We are just so Thankful that by the grace of GOD, that all the young men lived - and will learn a lesson from this..And Thank God, for watching over them.... :)

Anonymous said...

Amen......I had a friend who had over protective parents in high school back in the day....guess what she did??? She would lie to her parents because they were SO controlling. She would for ex: have them drop her at the movies to meet up with us, however, then she would tell us to cover for her as she had other plans to go riding around and partying with older boys. This type of behavior continued into college and an unplanned pregnancy. So sometimes trying to be too controlling as a parent can backfire. It is a balancing of trying to teach the child to make good decisions when you are not around based upon character example, moral fiber and respect for oneself. I personally would rather prepare the child for the path rather than the path for the child. Prayers go out to all the kids and their parents....Thank God that an angel's were watching out for them.

Anonymous said...

Parent 11:02:00 PM

They should have learned their lesson long before this "accident". Youre right, thank God theyre still here.

Anonymous said...

Come on people who cares who has over protective parents, just be thankful these kids are ok !!! You need to act like adults & stop the slamming already over who was a protected parent & who wasn't a protected parent!

Michele said...

Wendy M - I'm glad to hear the boys are going to be alright. I too had a son in a accident that could have been prevented and he too lived and learned a lesson along with all of his friends. We are good parents and even though we want to keep control they do grow up and we have to let the ranees go a little, Please do not let bad comments get to you. A lot of people will judge w/out knowing the facts. Keep strong and keep loving those boys - they are grateful to you.

Chris Miller said...

You have to let your children grow up at some point.I hated when it came time for two of my three children to drive and they still are like night and is a speed demon and the other is a turtle...they both know the rules of the road and I hope to God nothing ever happens to them but I don't have time to take them every place they need to be and our car is ours not theirs so they want to drive they had to get jobs and buy their own cars...Over protective or not don't make oe parent worse then the other and Kids will be Kids and one day they will need to depend on themself to get where they need to go.I ain't driving my kids all over because i got my own crap to twin sister is nothing like me she is always up her kids butt and good for them but I know what they do when mommy and daddy are not around cuz they enjoy freedom and sometimes that too get children in trouble..we all parent differant just b/c this happend don't mean their parents don't care.things happen I am glad they are all ok...

Anonymous said...

We all,(or at least most, I hope)do the VERY best we can raising our kids & explaining right from wrong. At some point then, it's up to THEM to take heed & use their heads! We can't be with them 24/7 !!! Glad these kids are going to be ok, thank God, & hopefully lessons learned.

Anonymous said...

I thought there was a new law that only let an underage to only allow two in a car if they were not family members.

Anonymous said...

I guess that some kids are raised better than others.

Anonymous said...

I guess some people make sure their kids friend are raised the same way they are. I don't think 6 young boys in a truck showing off and speeding are a good match. Do you?

Anonymous said...

Amen Wendy, God was certainly in that vehicle with those boys & by His grace they all are alive! My prayers will continue to be with them! We cannot control every minute of what & where our teen-age children are & what they are doing, we can only put them in the hand of God & pray He keeps them safe for us!
I have raised two great kids & by the many prayers, God & Us done it together & You's & God can do it together, He is NO respecter of persons! I'm not casting the first stone for sure!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Law states that only one person may ride with anyone younger than 18. He should not have had that many in the truck with him. Thank God he was watching over those kids.