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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Country Antiques Auction Saturday, May 31st At Carter Auctions In Allegany, NY
Unique washing machines; Variety of butter churns; Drying racks; Pull wagons; Trunks; Stoneware; Green store jars; Rolling pins; Fiesta dishes; Small yellow ware bowls; Iris and Herringbone; Pink juicer; Green glass beater jar; Jadeite beater jar; Marigold Carnival; Hall Casseroles and bowls; Orange poppy; Green glass flour canister; Hall moss rose; Early rug beaters; Early wolverine child’s trash can; Child’s lunch bucket and sand pails: Ohio Art and Swartz peanut butter; 2-quart Albany slip jug; Nippon candy dish, Chintz bun bowl (made in Germany); Sugar shakers; String holders; Double candlestick holders, candlewick; Wall pockets; 

Alarm clocks: Lux bobbing chicken, Muppets chicken; Condiment figural jars; Rose bowls; Vernon ware; Heisey pieces; Howdy Doody items; Davy Crockett mug; Stangl cookie jar; Blue opalescent hobnail candle holders and coinspot tumblers; Early military hats; Carnival: blue cup, marigold stemmed Holly and Peacock; Blue moderntone; Glass ladles; Figural scissors and pins holders; Borden’s malted milk bottle; Davy Crockett cup and bowl; Shawnee cat creamer and pig sugar and creamer; Hadley pottery; Green fire king plates and bowl; Juicers; Vernon Kiln dishes; 

Royal Ruby thumbprint goblets and sherbets; Nippon double Phoenix plates and salad plates; Phoenix plates, etc; Old chicken cookie jar; Bauer pottery plates, bowls, cups, etc.; Hall’s autumn leaf; Marigold Iris and Herringbone; Condiment jars; Manhattan soups, relish, candlesticks, etc.; Blue Willow plates, bowls, etc.; Pitchers: pressed glass, etc; Children’s Akro Agate dishes; Akro Agate planters;; 1 quart jug, 1 pt. bean pot, etc.; Toby mugs; White Meakin Berry Set, Redwing plates; Miss America sherbets; Cookie jars; Russel Wright China: Iroquois, Steubenville; 

Petalware depression glass; Clear depression boudoir lamp; Covered figural powder jars; Fostoria Americana pieces; Green horseshoe depression glass; Pitchers; Amethyst glass; Ramon’s store jar; Pressed glass; Early American pressed glass goblets: Capitol pattern; Stangl China, thistle pattern; Pyrex bowls; Translucent Tiffin case; Fire king unusual covered baking dishes; Amber banana split dishes; Old bitters bottle, black glass in shape of bear; Early English cup and saucer; 

Glidden divided fish platter; Blue depression bowl, green stretch glass bowl; Apple pattern blue ridge china; Larkin azalea noritake plates, etc.; Green anchor hocking berry bowl set; Green depression glass; Opalescent blue; Candlestick holders; Larkin bottles; Games; Tin litho motor race game w/ car; Egg cups, pressed glass; Dog, cat, and bird figurines; Creamers, misc. small glass pieces; Forest green sandwich glass; Figural S&P; Green and amber depression; Marigold Iris and Herringbone; Indian Tree; Blue enamel wash board; Hand milk bottle capper; Unusual tip top bottle cappers; Unusual rug beaters and pillow fluffers; Graniteware; Green Giant cookie jar; Masters glass oil bottle; Little mother toy sewing machine; Cast iron sea horse lamp; 

Cherry pitter; Apple parer; Watchman’s clock w/ original key; Coffee grinders; 1950s Webcor tape recorder w/ microphone; Cast iron waffle iron, stove-lid style; 1920s folk art oxen and wagon; Early perfume bottles; Early lawn sprinkler; Constantine skate clothes washer; Lemon squeezers; Child’s china tea set; Collapsible clothes dryer; Small child’s ironing board; Figural depression lamps; Child’s toy washing machine; Colored Victorian salt shakers; Robinson ice cream cone holder and cone dispenser; Mt. Joy rollman cherry pitter; Enterprise #36 raisin seeder; Perfection nut cracker; “Dobbie-McInnes” depthometer in original box; Darth Vader night light; German figural lamps and pr. Figurines; Hand-carved balsa canoe; Marbles; International harvester tractors; Hubley toys; Wagon; Country store jars; Rainbow spinner top; Cast iron horses pull toy; 

Easter bucket w/ lid; Early blocks; Early medical hemometers; Early breadboard; Early cast steel child’s stove; Cast steel ADT dump truck; Toy tractors; Structo car hauler; Daisy and Crossman air pistols; Early creamers; Steel trucks; Toy Buddy L Bus; 1933 toy car Cadillac; Toy steam shovels; Farm toys; Hubley kiddy toy flatbed truck; Arco rubber locomotive and car and train cars; Rubber army toys; Metal army toys; Hubley airplane; 1923 Griffin self-shine foot rest; Rare egg scales; Stangl bird; Match holder; Bone-handled hunting knives; Original buffalo skinner hunting knife; K-Bar bone-handled hunting knife w/ match holder in handle; Kilgore sm. cannon; Toy metal cannon and plastic revolutionary war soldiers; Early baby bottles; Hand cuffs, chain wrist restraint, wooden billy club; Condoms; Perfumes; Machinist box; Action baseball game; 

Occupied Japan figurines; Occupied Japan animals; String holders; Family paper dolls in frame; Science lab glass; Cast iron mini irons; Scarce prayer lady items; Green enamel floral design vase; Wind-up baby feeding self; Early printing blocks; Myrtle sprinkle bottle; Pie birds and rare pie funnel; Figural egg timers; Stoneware meat tenderizer; Toothpowder tins; Washboards; Nutmeg graters; Pot scrapers; Tea strainers; Rumford egg separators; Graniteware tea strainers; Adv. Republic ware miniature graniteware bowl; Mickey Mouse telephone; Early jack knives; Cream top spoon and milk bottle; Rare 1800 sugar and tea box; National tea co. cup and 2 qt. measure; Everett raisin seeder; Adv. Jewel range napkin holders; Swansdown and Royal measuring spoons; Knife blade belt buckle; Adv. Dad’s root beer helio jet; Kellog’s premium MicroCam; Candy containers; King’s Castle flour bag; Sample boxes and Adv. Tins; Old veterinary medicine tins; Aunt Jemima towel holder; China bisque dolls; Coca Cola bottle carriers; 

Pottery bowls; Decorative drinking horn; Corkscrew bar set; Sewing bird needle holder; Stove company hat paperweight; Griswold frying pan; Toy gun outdoor set; DOE-WA-JACK Indian adv.; Early glass lab equipment; China doll pin holder; Half dolls; Hunting bows; Parking sign; Old eye glasses; Cardboard beer coasters; Xmas tree candle holders; License plates; Corkscrews; Early clothespins; Child’s skis; Adv. Sample tins; 35 PEP pins; Bleeders and bleeding cup; Chocolate molds; Pewter ice cream molds; Blue glass eye cups; Pink and green depression salt shakers; Graniteware milk pain; Black Americana electric clock adv. Trixy Molasses; Hatchets; Marshmallow beater; Ice cream cone holder; Ice cream packers; Triner brass-wash scale; 

Pharmacy pill cutter; Old pitch pipes; Mouse traps; Warsaw signal lantern; RCA 8 transistor radio; Metal Pepsi Cola carrier; Soda fountain server; Soda fountain glasses; Dovetailed copper ale warmer; Bass beer tap; Boy scout merit badge books; Majolica peach pattern plates; Cherry pitters; Cast iron nail holder; Charcoal iron, gas iron, goffering iron; Irwin wood augers; Brunswick pool table iron; Early pocket watches; Columbian World’s Fair pocket watch opener; Cast iron bullet mold; Jeweler’s anvil; Sm. vise; Chein tin wagon; Wiggle toys; Bisque Colonial couple match holder; Tintypes; Figural pencil sharpeners; Walker toys; Eggs, tin; Children’s rattles; Metal toys; Black Americana noise makers; Halloween noise makers; Cast iron black mammy bank; Adv. Stoneware 1-gal jug; Oil cans; 1939 World’s Fair compacts, key; 1933 World’s Fair key, bank; Adv. Bill holders; Pr. Art nouveau card holders; Hanging scales; Door stops; 

Sheet music; Violets—yard long print; German art deco cigar cutter; Plumb; Shingle hatchet; McKillen gun casing tool; Tools; Ice tongs; Sprinkler; Wood pulley wheel; Howdy Doody items; Peanut tins; Planter’s peanut collectibles; Glass spoon and fork sets; Coins redeemable for merchandise; Powder jars; Figural Xmas bulbs; Bridle rosettes; Wooden lion-face pepper mill; Paperweights; Veterinary medicine tins and boxes; Figural toothbrush holders; Tobacco advertising; Fish food tins and bottles; Adv. Talcum powders and tooth powder tins; Egg beaters; 

Oak tool chest w/ drawers; Toy electric boat motor; Old photos; Early pens; Griswold brownie bake pan; Griswold C.I. mail box; Razorblade banks; Adv. Glass milk creamers; Bicycle license plates; Noise makers; Miner’s lamps; Figural bottle openers; Mickey Mouse Spin About game; Plastic Adv. Drink stirrers; Wooden ice skates; Wooden butter bowl and paddle; Adv. Fans; Tin dart baseball board; Windy Express and blue delivery truck; Banks; Black Americana match holder; Doll house accessories; Stoneware; Glass lampshades; Milk glass smoke bells; 1930s+ hunting and fishing pins; Vernley fishing reel, Ohio 1951 license; Metal sinker box; Pennsylvania hunting licenses; Metal tops; Balloon game; Pennsylvania fishing buttons; Angelica Rod and Gun pins; Fillmore centennial pins; Pocket watch keys; Pocket watches; Berks Co. metal turtle pen holder; 1950s Taylor fish finder thermometer; Flamingo figurines; Ring holder; Black Americana electric clock; Midget glass washboard; Primitive food choppers; Ice shave; Meat tenderizer; 

Wooden molding planes; 1980 Ertl model tractors; Wooden coat hangers; Books; Nursing bottles; Bottles and nursing nipples; German child’s tea set; Rochester Germicide bottle, pat. 1888; Seltzer bottle; Tony Sarg 1943 Play-A-Tune box; Snake Eyes game; Old games; Erie Lackawanna time table and tickets; Schoenhut elephant; Baseball coins; Indian can opener; Cigarette lighters; 

C.I. handled pots; C.I. pails; 1934 ’37 ’39 diaries; Adv. Soap powders, starches; Coffee tins; Tobacco tins; 1954 Mother Goose shoes; Disneyland candy tin; Display box w/ American canning jar rubbers; School books; Old cigarette packs; Trapping booklets; Old fishing tackle box w/ lures; Winking Winny paper dolls; Early red paint neck yoke; Radios; Egg carrier; Sock stretchers; Milk carrier; Maple sugar molds; Brass hanging scale; Lunch boxes; Carrie nation ax; Mickey Mouse Club subtractor game; Wicker fishing creel; High chair; Trunk; School desk; Commode chair; Plant stands 

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