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Friday, May 30, 2014

Holding The VA Accountable

Holding The VA Accountable
America's Veterans Deserve Better
Introducing my plan to hold the VA accountable at Montgomery County's VFW this week.

Secret wait lists. Falsified health reports. Destroyed records.

Recent revelations surrounding the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are troubling - and infuriating. The men and women who served in uniform should be first in line for the best quality medical care in the world. But many are not.

At Montgomery County VFW 3612, I announced my plan to allow veterans to sue Veterans Affairs employees who engage in these activities. My legislation would hold VA employees accountable if they falsify or destroy information relating to a veteran's health care. It would also authorize the firing of these employees.

America's veterans risked their lives to defend us. We have an obligation to make sure they receive the health care they deserve.

More Details On My Plan To Protect Vets
To protect America's veterans from dishonesty and malfeasance and hold VA employees accountable to those they serve, I will be introducing the VA Accountability Act. I plan to introduce this legislation this coming week.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry obama said he would get to the bottom of this VA scandal and hold people accountable!

Anonymous said...

Yes, on the very bottom along with all the other corrupt issues of this administration.

Anonymous said...

How about holding the politicians accountable for not properly funding the VA. It's no SECRET they don't have enough money. It's always been send them off to war for any stupid reason you can find so corporations can make money. Pat them on the back and call them heroes when they come home. Throw them a parade to march in once a year, and then forget about them the rest of the time. Our whole country should be ashamed of how veterans are treated and we should hold Toomey, Thompson, and EVERY politician in the country's feet to the fire until this problem is resolved.

Anonymous said...

They have been given more money under obuma than any other time in history! They spent half a billion dollars on office furnishings rather that the vets care! And obuma new since 2008 that they were doing this! The buck stops with him!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, let's get the lawyers involved. That will solve everything.

The VA budget has increased, but has it increased enough to keep up with the demand from Agent Orange and the fallout from the Gulf War, the Iraq invasion, and Afghanistan?

There's mismanagement; there's a doctor shortage; there's a host of serious issues to deal with, but what we don't need is every politician grandstanding to score political points.

This is a real problem with enough blame to go around. It started before Obama was elected and has only gotten worse.

Keep in mind the whistleblowers are VA employees too, and most of the VA employees try to do their best under very trying circumstances.

As for the managers who cooked the books- fire them all.

As for senators who grandstand and congressmen who failed to provide regular oversight-vote them out of office next chance you get. They, too, are a big part of the problem. And most of the whiny pols haven't served a day in their lives.

Anonymous said...

Totally Agree 3:09