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Saturday, May 3, 2014


We want to remind residents of Keating Township, Potter County of the meeting on Monday, May 5th at 7 PM.

Keating Township is considering stopping its rubbish pick up service. 

The pros and cons of this idea were discussed at the April meeting.The cost of the service was one major factor, as the fees charged do not cover the costs of labor, fuel, repairs and tipping fees.On the other hand, providing the service is good for older folks who don't want to drive to Gold to get rid of their rubbish. Finding rubbish over the banks and having to put rubbish bags in a car were some of the other negative aspects to this idea.

The Supervisors decided to alert the residents to this idea and hopefully have a discussion at the May 5th meeting. We would hope that all interested residents would attend the May meeting and express their concerns over this proposal.

Keating Township Supervisors


Anonymous said...

Recycle, compost, shred your paper for compost, and get a roll off dumpster, and pay as you go for those who need it.

Anonymous said...

Just raise the taxes and then cook the books to make it look good like the Austin borough ! They claim that one truck load of trash a week makes enough money to pay for a new full time hire extra one ton truck plus all the fees fuel ect. And a profit every month they can use for other things! But don't question it because If you ask them they just smirk at you and walk away.