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Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Nuclear Medicine Scanner Installed in Cole Memorial Radiology Suite

New Nuclear Medicine Scanner Installed in Cole Memorial Radiology Suite

The imaging services team at Cole Memorial upgraded another modality to enhance patient care. Their 12 year-old nuclear medicine equipment was replaced by a newly installed General Electric (GE) Discovery NM630 unit on May 14 since Cole Memorial provides approximately 625 nuclear tests each year.

“The new nuclear medicine technology capabilities will provide patients high-quality images and quicker exams, including less time on the table,” said Keith Hartjen, director of Imaging Services at Cole Memorial. “The commitment to purchase this new equipment is another demonstration of Cole Memorial’s focus on delivering excellent health care to patients in our community.”

The Discovery NM630 delivers superb image quality with a large bore and table capable of handling patients up to 500 pounds. Before the test can be performed, patients ingest, inhale or are injected with a temporary radioactive contrast substance. The nuclear medicine unit’s elite detector enables exceptional resolution and high-quality scans that help healthcare providers diagnose many conditions, including cancer, injuries and infection. It can also show how well organs such as the heart and lungs are working.

Dr. Shereef Ramadan, a radiologist at Cole Memorial said, “This new equipment will provide state-of-the-art functional imaging for our patients and will help healthcare providers offer an accurate diagnosis.”

In February, Cole Memorial upgraded to the following new pieces of imaging equipment…

64-slice Computed Tomography (CT) scanner
Philips Epiq Ultrasound unit
Portable digital X-ray machine

Within the next two months, new fluoroscopy equipment will arrive.

For more information about Cole Memorial’s imaging services, please call 814-274-9301 ext. 1273.

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