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Thursday, May 1, 2014

PA Supreme Court: Police Don't Need Warrant To Search Your Car


Anonymous said...

Police don't need a reason to do anything in a fascist police state.

I hope you all feel safe without your constitutional freedoms.


dont speak up. you'll get tazed and your pets will get shot right in front of you. and that's just for starters

don't believe it?

try checking out the real news sometime

(not the corporate brand, waving constant flags in your face hoping you buy their b.s.)

Anonymous said...

This country is becoming just like the old days in Russia. When hitler was in control. We are losing our freedom.

Anonymous said...

IF we don't protect our rights we will loss them. Guess what we deserve to. Get out and vote and pay close attention to what YOur local Police depts., DA, Courts are doing don't let your county or country become a Fascist police state! IT can and will happen if as a nation we do not pay attention to our democracy and rights.