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Friday, May 16, 2014

Star Spangled Banner Performed by OV Elementary at Pirates Baseball Game

Star Spangled Banner Performed by OV Elementary at Pirates Baseball Game
Students line up outside PNC PARK on Mazaroski Way.
Oswayo Valley students in grades 4 and 5 hit the field at PNC park Tuesday for the Pirates baseball game. Under the direction of Mrs. Beth Lewis, OV Music teacher, the students performed the National Anthem in front of a stadium filled with fans including an entourage from Shinglehouse. Students sang from homeplate and were aired on the jumbo-tron as they heralded the words. Following the anthem students were privileged to high-five the Pirates in front of the Pirate dug out before the Pirates took on the Giants.

With OV cheering, the game was a real pitching dual between the 2 teams ending with the Pirates winning in the 9th with a final score of 2-1. The game made history by being the first time instant replay reversed an umpire call allowing for the winning run.
April Mashensic, Beth Lewis, 
Cherrie Kouhout, and Sarah Rhodes.

The 53 students were accompanied by 18 adults on the 2 day excursion which also included a tour of Heinz Field and the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium. Other highlights of the trip were a riverside walk along the Allegheny River, and overnight at the Springhill Suites which included an aftergame swim party.

This is the third time since 2010 that the Oswayo Valley has had the honor and privilege to sing at PNC Park. Funding and support for the adventure is from EPTO, OV Teachers Association, class fundraisers as well as the generosity of some individual benefactors and student contributions. Citizens and Northern Bank also made a generous contribution to the student group.
Accompanying the group: Liselle Esposito, Carolyn Fugate, Cherrie Kouhout, Carrie Lee, Beth Lewis, Brad Lewis, April Mashensic, Aaron Mesler, Nicole Matthews, Rick Minard, Donny Norton, Deb Payne, Shelly Rees, Sarah Rhodes, Christi Stedman, and Dave Ebeling.

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