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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ten residents, small business owners, local organizations across region earn awards

Ten residents, small business owners, local organizations across region earn awards

PA Wilds Planning Team recognizes outstanding efforts in sustainable tourism development

May 8 – A small group of business owners, citizens and organizations from across the 12 ½ county Pennsylvania Wilds region have earned awards for their contributions in sustainable tourism development and will be honored at a awards dinner and regional tourism briefing May 15.

Americans spend more than $640 billion a year on outdoor gear and trips and travel to get outdoors, and communities in the Pennsylvania Wilds are in great position to grow this industry given the region’s natural landscape and entrepreneurial background. For the last several years, dozens of local, state and federal partners from the public and private sectors have worked together to do just that in order to create jobs, diversify local economies, improve quality of life and inspire stewardship in the Pennsylvania Wilds.

Each year, the PA Wilds Planning Team, a guiding body in this effort, gives out a small number of “Champion of the Pennsylvania Wilds” awards to recognize outstanding efforts by local partners in this work.

Awards Committee Chair Bob Imhof said this was another year of strong nominations. “The work being done by local partners in the Pennsylvania Wilds region is truly humbling,” Imhof said. “We’ve got people opening businesses, residents growing local events and tying them into the PA Wilds brand, others helping us build the PA Wilds Artisan Trail or conserve our natural assets or improve recreation access or inspire the next generation about this work. The PA Wilds Team recognizes the tremendous effort put forth by so many dedicated individuals and groups and are proud to be able to honor them with these awards. Their hard work benefits residents and visitors alike.”

The 2014 Champion of the PA Wilds award winners are listed below. The winners will be recognized with a wooden plaque and citations from state and federal legislators at the PA Wilds Partnership Summit and Awards Dinner May 15 at the Red Fern in St Marys.

Media and the public are invited to attend the May 15 event. RSVPs are due by tomorrow, May 9 by 2 p.m. Cost is $20 and includes dinner. To RSVP call 814-545-1333 or email

The Planning Team consists of more than 50 partners and stakeholders from across the PA Wilds, including county governments, economic development organizations, state and federal partners, and heritage and tourism organizations. The region includes the counties of Warren, McKean, Potter, Tioga, Lycoming, Clinton, Cameron, Forest, Jefferson, Elk, Clearfield, Clarion and northern Centre.


Abbi Peters - Outstanding Leader Award

Abbi Peters is the Executive Director of the Elk County Council of the Arts, and was a founding member of the PA Wilds Artisan Trail. Her role in the Artisan Trail has been very broad. She's provided leadership to the project, mentored artists and trail sites, coordinated jury sessions, designed the Trail's traveling display, and has actively helped recruit new artists and trail sites. In addition to the work she's done with the Artisan Trail, she is also actively engaged in her community and the region, working closely with programs like Leadership Elk County, the Discover Partnership, coordinating the Art in Education program for the region, and coordinating the PA Partner in the arts program for the region.

Wildlife Center at Sinnemahoning State Park/Park Office - Great Places Award

Going Wild is now easier for outdoor enthusiasts looking to explore the vast region north of Interstate-80 known as the PA WILDS. Over the past ten years, the Commonwealth has made major investments within the PA Wilds region. One of the recent completions is the six million dollar Wildlife Center and Park Office at Sinnemahoning State Park. Here, visitors to the PA WILDS have a starting point for scores of outdoor activities and wildlife watching opportunities. Containing over 9300 square feet of exhibit, retail, office and gallery space, the Center serves as a portal to the 12 ½ county PA WILDS region. Since its opening in October 2011, the Wildlife Center has attracted over 65,000 visitors. Sinnemahoning State Park has always been a destination park because of its location and the wildness and tranquility that is offered in the First Fork Valley, and the new Wildlife Center has been a great addition to this already great park.

Eric Rensel - Conservation Stewardship Individual Award

Eric Rensel is a leader, conservationist and member of the DCNR Pennsylvania Wilds Recreation Team. Mr. Rensel has created not 1 but 2 significant Geocaching Trails that feature the region's conservation heritage and the work of the CCC. These trails allow visitors to follow in the footsteps of early conservationists so they can see the work that has been done and be inspired to continue the work that was started so long ago. Eric's work has helped reinforce what residents of the PA Wilds and visitors to the region can do to appreciate, maintain and preserve our beautiful area.

Collins Pine Company - Kane Hardwoods Division - Conservation Stewardship Organization Award

Collins Pine Company is one of the largest private landowners in the PA Wilds Region with over 115,000 acres of timberland. All of the land is open to public use for camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, horseback riding or any other non-motorized outdoor recreation use. Much of the land has been in company ownership since the 1960's and some ownership dates back to the founding of the company in 1855. The land has been certified by the internationally acclaimed Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as sustainably managed forests since 1995 - the first in PA! With over 100 employees at their Kane Hadwood Sawmill, Collin's Pine has proven that Conservation and business can go hand-in-hand.

Blossburg Borough - Great Design Award

In response to oil and gas development and other factors impacting the community, Blossburg Borough in Tioga County, has developed a new Comprehensive Plan for their community. This plan focuses on 5 priority projects including: creating a park and recreation master plan, establishing a capital improvement program, forming a partnership with the school district, developing and implementing a community communication program, and launching a community branding and promotion program. The comprehensive plan also incorporates the PA Wilds Design Guide, the Oil and Gas Supplement for the Design Guide, and the Center for Sustainable Shale Development's Performance Standards. This project has already resulted in activities that will increase employment, create additional recreational opportunities and further the stewardship of natural resources.

Laughing Owl Press - Artisan of the Year Award

Laughing Owl Press was started in 2010 by Joe and Andrea Lanich after they moved back to the area. The Lanichs are active members of the PA Wilds Artisan Trail and Andrea participated on the Artisan Trail's team at the PA Wilds Workshop: Connecting Nature, Economy and Community Character. Joe is currently a member of the Artisan Trail Advisory Committee, providing insight and leadership to the future of the Artisan Trail. Laughing Owl Press has also been a key partner in the expansion of the Proudly Made in the Pennsylvania Wilds brand, and they have many popular products for sale on the artisan trail. Laughing Owl press is featured in the PA Wilds Youth Entrepreneurship video, and produces the letterpress map of the region that is distributed to students who participate in the program, which is well received by participants.

Country Squirrel Outfitters, LLC - Business of the Year Award

Country Squirrel Outfitters owners Miranda and Steve Putt have recently opened their canoe, and kayak livery, and retail shop in Ridgway, PA. Not only are they entrepreneurs, Country Squirrel has been proactive in developing a positive working relationship with DCNR land managers in both state parks and forestry to broaden the array of programming they can offer through their popular outdoor outfitting business. This is just the sort of public/private partnership that the State hoped would be forged as part of the PA Wilds effort. They also enthusiastically communicate the conservation stewardship aspects of the PA Wilds work and understand and leverage the PA Wilds brand in their business operations.

Cameron County Conservation District - Inspiring Youth Award

The Cameron County Conservation District has developed a strong partnership with the school district and other youth and nature based clubs to help educate kids about the wonders of nature and how to protect it for future generations. The list of programs offered is extensive including: Envirothon, My Growing Tree, Water Quality Education, Poster Contests, Wild About Nature Field Day, Growing up Wild, Exploring Nature with Young Children, Outdoor Club, Enviroscape, and many others. Through these programs, they reach hundreds of youth each year including every 4th, 5th, and 6th grade student in the school district.

Cameron County Canoe and Kayak Classic - Event of the Year Award

2014 marked the 40th anniversary of the 12 mile long Cameron County Canoe and Kayak Classic. This event has grown from a small local event into a large race that attacts over 100 paddlers from across the United States. The event opens participant's eyes to the natural assets of Cameron County, which is nestled in the heart of the PA Wilds. The event is heavily sponsored by local businesses, but it also gives back, partnering with local companies to design and produce the t-shirts and unique wooden paddles that are highly coveted by participants. The event also engages the Cameron County Outdoor Youth Organization, Mountaineer Search and Rescue, Cameron County Emergency Services, and others to scout the Driftwood Branch of the Sinnemahoning River for hazards, conduct a river clean-up, and act as spotters and rescuers in the event of an emergency. If you haven't attended the Cameron County Canoe and Kayak Classic, you're missing one of the greatest spectacles in the PA Wilds.

Debbie Lunden - Member of the Year Award

Debbie Lunden has been a vital part of the Pennsylvania Wilds since the Planning Team was established in 2005. She believes in the PA Wilds so strongly, that when she retired in 2014, she accepted a nomination to continue serving on the planning team as a Partner so that she could remain actively involved. During her tenure on the Planning Team, Deb served as a member of the Design Guide Development Committee. The PA Wilds Design Guide is one of the Planning Teams most impactful projects, and has received state and national recognition. She was also involved with the PA Wilds Planning Study, PA Wilds Transportation and Byways Committee, served as the Planning Team's Secretary, and as a member of the PA Wilds Planning Team Executive Committee. Deb has also been involved in numerous other organizations and committees focused on planning and economic development, and she has been instrumental in educating these groups on the importance of the Pennsylvania Wilds.


Anonymous said...

Just when I thought that Pa Wilds was totally useless,
they give out awards. That sure helps with the outdoor recreation

Anonymous said...

The state didn't need to spend millions of taxpayers' dollars to induce people to spend time and money while visiting our area.

Campers and others came here eagerly when there were lots of deer and trout. Enabling hunters to kill off the does and antelerless bucks with Ault's Deer Eradication Program was the lynchpin that ruined our "Tourist Economy". Elk watchers and scenery viewers will never replace 'The Hunters". Also, the original trout stocking program needs to be revived.

Read my lips. "No new complaints" said...

Do either of you know how much tourism brings into the Northern tier? I don't have an "exact" number, possibly someone else could chime in who has that. It is in the millions, I believe far more than the hunters who usually brought their own groceries. The only thing they purchased more of was their alcohol. Tourism doesn't have just a two week season, it runs year round and it supports the motels, shops, stores etc. You're right, the state didn't, as you so eloquently put it, "have to promote the PA Wilds". They chose to!
On a more positive note: Congratulations Debbie Lunden. For those who don't know her, Debbie works tirelessly on a myriad of things in this area. The PA wilds, the Kinzua bridge, local hiking and biking trails. These all bring in tourism dollars. Yes, there really are people who want to come to this area and experience the beauty that we take for granted. Rather than **tch and complain, why don't YOU volunteer some time to further the promotion of tourism that benefits your community. These mom and pop shops that benefit are the people who donate goods and services for local fundraisers for our schools, churches, sports leagues, band concerts etc. Why always the hate! Join in, volunteer and have fun at the same time.....BTW Fred isn't really he??