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Lori Johnson Candidate For Bradford Township Supervisor

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Capitol Update By Rep. Martin Causer

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Capitol Update
Friday, June 06, 2014 The latest news from the State Capitol

Committee to Consider $1 Hunting, Fishing Licenses for Disabled Veterans

The House Game and Fisheries Committee, which I chair, is set to take up two bills on Monday that would expand access to low-cost hunting and fishing licenses to veterans who are considered partially disabled.

Under current law, veterans with a total physical disability, or with the loss or loss of use of one or more limbs, are eligible for free licenses. While that program would continue, we are also considering legislation that would provide hunting and fishing licenses for just $1 each, plus issuing agent fees, to a broader category of veterans who have a partial disability, as determined by the U.S. Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

The committee will also consider House Bill 2230, which seeks to allow the use of certain semiautomatic rifles for the taking of coyote, fox or woodchuck.

The meeting will be held at noon on Monday, June 9, and will be streamed live at

Earlier this week, the committee met to further review a study conducted by the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee on the feasibility of merging the Game Commission and the Fish and Boat Commission. Video of that meeting may be found here.
Watch Video

Protecting Senior Citizens

On Tuesday, the House passed legislation to help protect senior citizens from being taken advantage of by a power of attorney.

House Bill 2007 aims to address situations where a power of attorney fails to comply with the agent’s directives listed throughout the document. The legislation would require the official notice that failure to comply could result in criminal charges, eliminating a legal loophole of ignorance.

The legislation also would allow Area Agencies on Aging the ability to seek access to confidential records of a senior through a court order, if they believe that a crime is being committed and the senior lacks the capacity to give consent.

The legislation now goes to the Senate for additional consideration.

Expanding Good Samaritan Laws to Help Protect Children

The House this week passed legislation that would apply Good Samaritan civil immunity to school bus drivers who administer epinephrine autoinjectors, also known as epi-pens, to students suffering an allergic reaction.

Although current law allows school bus drivers to administer an epi-pen to a student in need, there is a general reluctance to assist these students, as school bus drivers currently assume the legal ramifications if something were to go awry in the process.

House Bill 2049 would eliminate the reluctance, as the civil immunity is granted for those operating in good faith, adhering to district policy and who are appropriately trained.

The legislation passed the House unanimously and now goes on to the Senate for further consideration.

Remembering D-Day

Today, June 6, marks the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings during World War II, otherwise recognized as D-Day. D-Day marked the beginning of the final push across Europe to defeat Axis forces during World War II, with more than 9,000 Allied soldiers killed or wounded in that battle alone. For a full history of D-Day, click here.

I wish to extend a special heartfelt thank you to the men and women who served that day, and our utmost gratitude to those who did not come home. Your legacy is not forgotten.

Fly the Flag for Flag Day

Next Saturday, June 14, is Flag Day – a day created to commemorate the anniversary of the congressional adoption of the first stars and stripes flag design, which took place on June 14, 1777. Did you know there is a federal code dedicated to proper display and treatment of the flag? Click here to learn more and fly your flag on Flag Day and every day (following the Flag Code guidelines of course!)

Congratulations to all the area high school and college graduates!
May you find much happiness and success in your future.



Anonymous said...

semi-auto firearms are made for idiots who can't shoot straight with the first round. And semi-auto guns tend to be less accurate than bolt-actions and get progressively worse with each subsequent shot. But pander away there Marty.

Anonymous said...

VETERANS should PAY NO Taxes-Nothing to HUNT and FISH and Medical needs taken care of ... Two years or Twenty THEY earned it !!!

Anonymous said...

Low cost licenses for RETIRED veterans would be OK but this is from a man that will not vote for a PAGC license increase, which they haven't had since 1999. He gets an increase every year and doesn't have to vote on it!

Anonymous said...

1:34:00- how about those of us who trap? right now by law, i can carry a 22 semi on my trapline because i'm covered by my CCW, but yet cant use that semi 22 to dispatch an animal.

plus, not to mention the proposal is for none 'game' type animals, most notably predator hunting. its not for standard game hunting seasons.

as for "semi-auto guns tend to be less accurate than bolt-actions and get progressively worse with each subsequent shot" you obviously need to research firearms a little more as many new semi's will out shoot all firearms found in most people's collections.