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Lori Johnson Candidate For Bradford Township Supervisor

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Capitol Update By Rep. Martin Causer

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Capitol Update
Friday, June 20, 2014 The latest news from the State Capitol

Testimony Highlights Need for More ATV, Snowmobile Riding Opportunities

The House Tourism and Recreational Development Committee heard testimony this week on my legislation to bring fairness and accountability to the collection and distribution of funds for ATV- and snowmobile-riding opportunities in the Commonwealth.

House Bill 2047 would direct the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) to maintain separate ATV management and snowmobile management accounts to ensure an equitable distribution of those funds.

DCNR is currently unable to identify how much it spends on ATV trails versus snowmobile trails, but there are significantly more riding opportunities for snowmobiles than for ATVs on public lands.

After hearing the testimony, it is clear that DCNR needs to do a far better job of providing opportunities for both ATV and snowmobile riders. Holding the agency accountable for how funds are spent is an important step in the right direction.

Read more about the legislation or watch footage of the hearing here

Budget Deadline Fast Approaching

Each year, the General Assembly is charged with developing a balanced budget by July 1. With an estimated $1.5 billion shortfall heading into the new fiscal year, this budget is proving to be more challenging than most in recent years.

Complicating matters is that the governor has said he is more interested in the adoption of pension reform and liquor privatization (or some form of liquor sales reform) than he is in adopting an on-time budget.

I support action on each of these fronts but believe strongly that our first priority must be passage of a fiscally responsible budget and getting it done on time. The House is scheduled to take up a preliminary budget bill on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

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Help Protect Against Elder Abuse 

June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month in Pennsylvania. Elder abuse takes on many forms, including neglect, physical, emotional, financial or sexual abuse. Sadly, no senior citizen is immune to the potential for abuse.

Common signs or symptoms of elder abuse include bruises or broken bones; weight loss; confusion blamed on “old age” that may actually be caused by malnutrition, medications or an acute illness; withdrawing large sums of money from a savings account without an apparent reason; signing over his or her home to a relative; or refusing to go outside or see visitors.

The state Department of Aging offers a 24-hour hotline for reporting suspected elder abuse. Abuse reports can be made on behalf of an older adult whether the person lives in their home or a care facility. Last year, more than 18,500 reports of elder abuse were received, but it is estimated that only one in five cases is actually reported. If you are concerned about someone you love suffering from elder abuse, call the hotline at 1-800-490-8505

2014-15 Hunting Licenses on Sale Now

A reminder that hunting/furtaking licenses for the 2014-15 hunting season are now available from the Pennsylvania Game Commission online or at its region offices, or from one of more than 600 issuing agents.

For more information about licenses for upcoming seasons, click here.  


Anonymous said...

it makes sense that there are more snowmobile trails, as it's a winter activity and fewer people are outside in the area of the trails.

if you suggest using the snowmobile trails as ATV trails in the summer, you're opening a huge can of worms and asking for a lot of trouble.

and I can say from personal experience dealing with both groups, snowmobilers are far more responsible in terms of not being a nuisance than ATV riders.
most of the ATV crowd act like inconsiderate yahoos.

Anonymous said...

If you want tourism you have to cater to all not just a select group. This type of select thinking is what drives people away! Take a look at the Austin area thats what you get when the powers that be think about only what they want and not all the options.