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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Galeton Development Corporation hears updates on many projects

The Galeton Development Corporation met on Thursday, July 19 at the Brick House Cafe with President Joe Pagano presiding.

B.J. Lowther, Cole Memorial Hospital, reported that the Galeton Health Center is very busy and possible new physicians are being interviewed. He also reported on the many activities and building projects at Cole Memorial .

Andrew Lychalk reported on the chamber of commerce events and activities. Plans for the 4th of July parade are moving right along. Weaver Enterprises has generously contributed $500. towards the parade band fun. The parade is the "kick off" for the annual Red Suspenders Weekend which will conclude with the fabulous fireworks display--perhaps the best in the state.

John Ziegler gave the Rotary Club report and said the Galeton school principal, Clyde Pierce was welcomed as a new member. Buddy Sutton from Carter Camp was an honored guest and has offered his services and his sons Jeff services to help in any way possible to make the 2014 Woodsmen's Show a success.

Mike Plummer gave a report about the borough authority's activities. Everything is going well, but there is a concern about ATV's running in the watershed areas. A letter has been sent to those who are trespassing. Action is being taken in the enforcement of past due sewer and water bills.

County Commissioner Susan Kefover gave the corporation an update on the activities in the commissioners office including the report that Gabriel Campana, Williamsport Development will be coming to work with community leaders on August 4 at 6PM in the Gunzberger Office building in Coudersport. Also, The Black Forest Institute of Potter Co. will be working in training vets over a 18 month course in many helpful vocational ways.

Special guests were David Brooks, executive director of the PCVA and Cindy Lee of the Institute of Technical Partners. David updated the group and told that Cindy was developing a new website for the PCVA which will include all county businesses not just paid members. This years marathon was a huge success. It was the 40th year for this event with 302 registrations and 273 runners. David said the most inquiries received in his office was for the Cherry Springs Dark Skies program and the Woodsmen's Show.

President Joe reported on the park steering committee. John Kelley is heading up a plan for an on going park maintenance program which would be a permanent annual effort and would cover the entire area around the park and Main St. Joe reported that the "Welcome To Galeton" signs will be replaced with new signs

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