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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Galeton Logger Wins National Game of Logging Competition

Ron L. Andrus (right) accepts National Game of Logging Championship Prize and Soren Eriksson Cup from Game of Logging Instructor John Adler (left)).
Pennsylvania Logger Wins National Game of Logging Competition

PA Sustainable Forest Initiative

Ron L. Andrus of Galeton, PA won the National Game of Logging Championship and Soren Eriksson Cup at the 2014 Game of Logging National Competition in Essex Junction, Vermont on Saturday, May 10th.

The event was held in conjunction with the Northeast Forest Products Equipment Expo. Seven professional competitors from Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont participated in the National Championship after winning their state regional event.

The professional loggers competed in 7 events; speed cut, bore cut, precision stump, big stump, aiming, spring pole, and tree felling. Each event challenged the competitors’ skills in cutting and chainsaw handling; testing their speed, accuracy, and precision. The seven events were scored by Game of Logging instructors with an overall total of 644 points. Competitors were subject to point deductions for violating any one of 12 safety rules during the competition.

When the sawdust had settled, Pennsylvania’s logger, R.L. Andrus had come out on top. With a combined score of 475 points and no safety violations, Andrus had won (or tied for the lead) 3 of the events and beat out the next highest score by 25 points.

Andrus is the 24th National Game of Logging Champion. He received a $1,000 prize and will have his name engraved on the base of the Soren Eriksson Cup – the competition’s traveling trophy.

Andrus began working full time in the logging industry at the age of 18. Most of his 24 years in Pennsylvania’s forests have been spent working with his father, Ron E. Andrus. For the last year he has been working for Appalachian Woodlands Consulting Inc., out of Wellsboro, PA. Andrus also participates in the Pennsylvania SFI Professional Timber Harvester Training Program, the state’s premier logger training program. Since 1998, Andrus has received 72 hours of training aimed at improving safety, professionalism, and environmental conservation in logging.

The Game of Logging National Competitions have been going on for 24 years in various regions of the United States. However, this will likely be the last time the national event is held. 

Pennsylvania won the very first National Competition back in 1991, and now it appears that the event’s history will end with a Pennsylvania winner as well.

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