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Friday, June 6, 2014

Letter of heartfelt thanks

Letter of heartfelt thanks

I want to thank all friends, neighbors, family and all who have sent cards, gifts, words of comfort, support, phoned and sent well wishes as I battle my diagnoses with breast cancer. 

I just cannot express in words the appreciation for the uplift you all have given me, faith, love and hope that although I have a long battle ahead, my chemo treatments have begun, I have up and down days but for the most part days are good. 

Much can be said for modern medicine but this about all of you, including my dear husband Ed who has been my constant support beam also. At first the screenings, MRI's, testings, biopsies, blood tests, waiting for answers and finding out that the cancer has spread was quite a strain on Ed and myself but we've come a long way just from then, and will continue to strengthen with all of you who I know are there for both of us! Because of all of you we are feelin' the healin'!

Once again I would like to thank everybody. 

Pam Hamilton

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

Hi Pam, so very glad you are thankful for the support during your breast cancer ordeal, however, the 1st one to be thanked is God who gave you the strength and healing you and your family and friends shared. I speak from experience, by the way.