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Friday, June 20, 2014

Think About It.....

Defining Moments

There are points in a person’s life that are considered defining moments. They are those times when a decision is made, a life change occurs, or an event happens that defines our next step in life. Sometimes we miss them. When we do, we may have to go around the mountain again for another chance. Sometimes we don't get another chance.

Defining moments don't always create happy moments. In fact defining moments can be horrific events that alter our lives and the lives of others. They will often cause us to stop and think and perhaps even consider our life and its course.

As I have looked back over my life I can see specific defining moments that changed the course of my life. A number of these were extremely difficult to walk through. They were marred with disappointment and disillusion. There were events that took the life out of both my wife and myself, and yet we can look back and see that we are where we are today because of them. But sadly defining moments do not always cause people to go in positive directions. Sometimes they cause people to go in directions that change the course of history. Take for example Adolf Hitler and Mother Theresa. Both of these individuals changed the lives of those they were involved with, one for good, the other for evil. Each of these individuals had many defining moments that they could have gone one way or another and their choices brought them to what we know of them today. I believe that part of the reason for this is because one looked at life through the eyes of ambition, while the other through the eyes of a servant.

Each of us has a choice as to what we are going to do with the defining moments that come into our lives. For some it will be a trip down a lane that leads to self-service and bitterness. For others it will be a catalyst for change. You have the power to make that defining moment work for you or against you. Think about it.

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