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Friday, June 6, 2014



By MizMonica Thomas
One of my favorite things about living in a small town is that on a summer evening you can wave at a neighbor whose riding her pink bike and she waves back with a smile, you see families out for an evening stroll and they stop and chat with you on their way by and people have eased off the gas peddle on the main streets as there is a new cop in town.

This is the last week of school for the kids. Baccalaureate is Wednesday night at 6:00 and Graduation is Friday evening at 7:30. The Senior Class is back from their senior trip to Toronto and I hear they had a wonderful time and were not detained at the border. Must be forty 18 yr. olds from Potter County was really more than the Canadian Boarder guards wanted to deal with at one time, can't say as I can blame them, to much adrenaline for me. We are glad they are home safely and the chaperones are in one piece.

I want to wish the Duesenbury's a happy 30th Anniversary, it doesn't seem possible they have been in business here that long. We are so thankful you chose Shinglehouse to run a business in and to raise your family.

The Library Summer Reading Program is still in need of cereal boxes folks, they will be using them for making guitars I understand, please check your cupboards and if it's been there longer than a month feed it to the cat and donate the box will you. At least my cat eats cereal, actually the ones on the back fence eat anything.

Congratulations Shinglehouse Junior Little League they were the big winners at Fielder Jones Park Saturday, check them out elsewhere in the paper this week.

We want to let folks know the Green family from up McCrea Brook is holding an online benifit for there little 2 month old Blazedyn. He is in Pittsburgh's Children's Hospital with meningitis. His parents Sadie Green and Brock Faulkner are traveling and staying there with him, this young couple is looking at some long term medical expenses. You can find the site at

Well the grass needs mowed or you won't find my porch if I don't get it done. So drop in or you can reach me at 814-697-7625, or my facebook page to report information about what your organization is planning or news of the Oswayo Basin.

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